Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Diana Krall - Christmas Songs

This past weekend, I travelled to Chicago again and found this album at a used CD store... not a bad pickup for $10!

Back in 1997, I was first introduced to Diana Krall thanks to an annual meeting of store managers of Suncoast Motion Picture Company, Musicland, and Sam Goody. On the last night of meetings, we received a HUGE box of freebie videos, pens, beverage warmers, and music CDs from the various studios and record companies we sold product for.

Nestled inbetween two videos was Diana's first album "Love Songs". On the ride home, I listened to the incredible CD and was hooked for life. I recommended the CD to anyone I came in contact with and waited for her next album to come out.

One year later (1998), I attended my last annual meeting with Suncoast and received yet another box of goodies. Plenty of videos, golf towels with the Playboy logo, desk accessories, and only three CDs.

One of the CDs was Diana's first Christmas offering: "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas EP". But this wasn't any ordinary EP. This was a promotional only EP with a 1999 desk calendar featuring a great picture of Diana with that Mona Lisa smile of hers! From that moment on, I thanked the Christmas gods for that wonderful gift and prayed that one day, Diana would release a FULL Christmas album. It took six years but it was worth the wait!

Joining up with the Clayton / Hamilton Jazz Orchestra (whose arrangements & instrumentation give us a vintage jazz feel a la Lena Horne & Ella Fitzgerald), Diana gives us twelve songs on her album; not one clunker in the whole lot! My favorite track is Diana's sultry rendition of the Vince Guaraldi track "Christmas Time Is Here".

My only regret is that I waited this long to get this album... I just glanced over on my desk and ask Diana to forgive me!

On to the next new Christmas CD in my collection...


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