Thursday, May 25, 2006

Where Will You Be Christmas Day? (Dust-to-Digital)

If you are a Christmas music collector like me, you probably know that most Christmas CD comps are hit or miss - each containing one or two songs that standout in your memory.

Every once in a while, you'll find a Christmas compilation that just breaks new ground - every track a hidden treasure. You are looking at such a CD.

While doing a simple search for another Christmas CD at my local library, I came across this CD from the good folks at Dust-to-Digital in Atlanta, GA.

Lance Ledbetter took over a Georgia State university roots music radio show in the late 1990s and began absorbing all types of roots music. He began corresponding with other 78 collectors, music authorities, and playing all this on his radio show.

By the time Ledbetter left Georgia State, he was a bonafide roots music authority. He proved it in October 2003 when Dust-to-Digital released the mother of all box sets: Goodbye, Babylon. A six CD box set full of 135 Southern country gospel music songs from the pre-WWII era, revently packed inside a 1 lb cedar box with cotton for packing material. The box set made top 10 lists across the country and received two Grammy nominations.

A year later, this CD was released, featuring 24 rare, obscure recordings from 1917-1959 that leap from the speakers, grab your attention, and won't let you go. I was all set to offer a track-by-track review, but that simply will not do the music justice.

If you are a Christmas music enthusiast, you MUST own this CD.

Check out the amazing web site Dust-to-Digital has set up for this disc. While you're there, order up a copy so Lance can keep searching out this lost music so it won't be lost anymore!

On to the next new Christmas CD in my collection...


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