Friday, August 18, 2006

The Happy Crickets - Christmas With

Here's yet another entry into the "Christmas with small woodland creatures and/or insects that have sped up voices" category.

Back in June, I reviewed one of these entries, offered a STEREO version of the same album in July, and this hopefully will be the last entry for quite some time.

This one came from Ernie (not Bert)'s blog late last year and he stated at the time:

"I have this terrible fear that you folks are going to download whatever I throw up here. So here is a test. Do not download this album! It is bad! The arrangements are terrible.

"The singing is monotone clap-trap, and it's often pitched so high that dogs run howlng from the room! If you thought the Chipmunks were bad, these crickets make the Chipmunks look like Elvis being backed by the Beatles. But I'm afraid there is no stopping you

Well, I downloaded it. It even came with a different cover in a different color, style, and design. Twelve songs in total. How bad can it be?



So bad in fact that I'm just trying to type just enough words in this paragraph so that it reaches below the cover scan next to this column because it would look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Should have I downloaded this album? No. Did I? Yes. Will I use this album to clear out a room in under two minutes? You bet your life I will!

On to the next new Christmas CD in my collection...



bongolong said...

...I haven't heard this one but I love the covers!!

Ernie said...

I think I have since found a third cover that's as good as either one of these. They seem to have reissued this LP every few years, with a cover geared towards whatever was popular at the time. IIRC, the third one makes the crickets look a little more like Beatles, or beetles... I'll try to get it scanned for Christmas this year.

CaptainOT said...

Bongo - Be grateful you haven't heard this. Very, very grateful.

Ernie - Did the Crickets don moptops for the cover? Looking forward to that one!


Doctor Love said...

Oh man this one is truly horrible. I always wanted an official Chipmunks Christmas album and my Mom got me this instead at the grocery store. Not only did it suck, but we were stuck listening to it for the next several Christmases cuz my parents never threw out any Christmas album EVER. Ah, childhood....

CaptainOT said...

Doctor Love - Does this explain the utter disdain you, Mr. Mike Roe, and The Lost Dogs showed on your fantastic remake of "The Chipmunk Song"?

BTW, did you ever get the official Chipmunks album? Thanks for stopping by!


Donald S said...

Why is this album getting bad rap. I was three and even then i picked up on semsitivity of such cteative production, yes its speed up,voices, but genious is orchrastra and little.arangements and true stereo . And sensitivity of jingle bells , it wasnt cheaply done not as comiedy as the chipmunks. But. Sensitive. Sound with feeling,, my mom would play this for me while i look, out the window to,see the best yard on Block. That had best christmas Lights, while mom cooked , great memorys when they took there time when they made music. Not cheap, it took,me forty years to find this lp.Thanks to ebay i finelly did.