Friday, September 26, 2008

A Family Christmas Album - Something For Everybody

Continuing with my list of Christmas albums I've downloaded since 2006, this was left mouse clicked on November 26, 2006 at 5:20 PM from Ernie (Not Bert).

After reposting a fun Christmas album from Buddy & Bunny Burden (in which Bunny appeared on the cover and little else), Ernie read the fantastic blog of Lee Hartsfield called Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else. It seems Lee posted several Christmas tracks where Bunny actually sung.

So Ernie searched deep into his stacks and stacks of untracked Christmas vinyl and whaddya know? He actually had the entire album that Lee's tracks came from. Ernie's got the fastest turntable in the west and transferred the album you are looking at.

Ummm... :-)

There's nothing out there online (with the exception of Ernie's original post) about this album. I Googled "Halo Records Nashville" but came up empty there.

Ha ha. (<--- nervous laugh) Hey! How about a niceeeee back cover shot? Yeah, that's it! Let's put that back cover shot up here... that'll fill some space!

What a great back cover, huh? Ain't it somethin'? The way the black and the white blend into... umm... black and white... Yep, that's a beaut of a back cover.

What now?

Oh, the music?


1.) Bobby Russell - The Christmas Song
Straight up rendition with touches of countrypolitan. Russell's got good pipes.

2.) The Singleton Singers - 12 Days Of Christmas
A pretty bland version with a solo piano and lots and lots of voices. Something to fill out the album maybe.

3.) Buddy & Bunny Burden - Christmas Card (Organ Instrumental)
The back cover says its an instrumental but there's Bunny (in a breathy voice - g-r-r-r) reciting. Now Buddy's lounge singing... who wrote this back cover?

4.) J.T. Adams & The Jordanaires - It's Christmas Time
J.T. does a fine job with this song but Elvis' backing group really makes the song. Gots to remember this one!

5.) Bill Purcell - Silent Night
Hey, back cover writer! That's Bill PURSELL! Organ and chimes version... yep, like we haven't heard THAT before... check out his Top Ten hit that Ernie also featured at his blog!

6.) Bobby Russell & The Music City Boys Chorus - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Like song number one, this one's got moments. The kids are a nice touch.

7.) Prissy Reed / Margie Singleton / Ray Walker & The Jordanaires - Jingle Bells
I knew Margie could sing but how about Mrs. Jerry Reed? Sounds like they're having fun (I think I am too...?)

8.) Buddy & Bunny Burden - Christmas Polka
OPA! Nothing like a polka played on the Kimball organ with a great duet from B & B! My favorite track on the album!

9.)The Music City Choir - Deck The Halls
I never knew "Deck The Halls" could be played to a funeral organ beat. Man, this is horrible!

10.) The Don Les' Harmonicats (featuring The Marine Band "Blues Harp") - Hark The Herald Angels Sing
What a way to go out on! Nothing like some mouth organ and blues harp to get you in the Christmas mood! These guys released a FULL Christmas album and son-of-a-gun, whaddya know? Ernie featured that one too!

I just re-read the title again and it clearly states "Something For Everybody". A truer statement was never spoken. There are some hits and some clear misses with this album but I still had a fun time listening.

This won't be the first album I'll pull out at Christmas. Nor the second. Or third. Fourth?

This will be the 853rd album I'll listen to at Christmas, guaranteed!



Ernie said...

853rd? That's not bad, since you must have a collection of thousands of CDs. I think it would be quite a bit lower on my list...

CaptainOT said...

Ernie - It's right above Thurlow Spurr & The Spurrlows but just below Tony Orlando & Dawn.


meistermag said...

Hey, I've just been over Whyfidelity's web page, and they haven't updated it since last Christmas! What gives?!

CaptainOT said...

Meistermag - Can't speak for them but I'm sure they'll pick up where they left off as Christmas draws near!