Thursday, March 16, 2006

Christmas With Mike 2005

During the week of February 19th and February 24th, I reviewed six different Christmas compilations that I acquired from various friends and other Christmas music aficionados. I had no other homemade compilations to review... or so I thought.

Mike Ung, a resident of Kansas City and yet another person who I met through happened to read my reviews. He e-mailed me to ask if I would be willing to trade copies of our annual comps.

"I've always liked weird/obscure music" Mike admits. He also admitted to reworking the Beatles' White Album down to 6 tracks... That was enough for me! I agreed to send him one and off they went through the mail.

His compilation arrived exactly one week ago. I didn't know what to expect - this was Mike's 5th Christmas comp. The artwork was pretty good - I did a quick scan of the playlist... when I discovered the title of a long lost Christmas song I've been searching for, I knew I was in for a treat.


1.) The Crafty Ladies - We Wish You A Merry Xmas
Was that a Dean Martin Christmas sound bite that you started with? As for the song, it's definitely different!

2.) No artist info - Jingle Bells
This is the famous Herb Alpert sound-a-like band The Border Brass. He finishes it off with a Jayne Mansfield Christmas Countdown sound clip .... sweet!

3.) Fat Daddy - Fat Daddy
A great song from the "John Waters Christmas" album! And a groovy Batman Christmas sound bite to end it!

4.) The Christmas Jug Band - S-A-N-T-A (Gloria)
A live cover of the classic Them! song - runs around 7 minutes... Another Christmas Countdown clip... this one's fab Tab Hunter!

5.) The Hentchman - Merry Christmas Baby
A 1960 garage band doing a raw cover of Charles Brown' "Merry Christmas Baby". Nice find!

6.) Avon 45 single - Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
Released as a B side in 1968 by the "Avon calling" company. Look for this single over at Ernie Not Bert's blog!

7.) Barry Gordon - I Like Christmas, I Like It, I Like It
This was first offered at during its first year of existence. I downloaded it and lost it in the Great Spring Hard Drive Crash of 2005. I finally got a copy again!

8.) The Voices - Santa Claus Baby
A fantastic R&B Christmas lament song... You can hear it on Rhino's "Blue Yule" CD!

9.) Louis Armstrong & The Commanders - 'Zat You, Santa Claus?
This is the TENTH different CD that contains this song in my collection...

10.) Canadian Quartette - Santa, Please
The group's name is just Quartette... but they are from Canada! And this was one of the first CDs I requested from Jeffco Productions up in Canada.

11.) The Wailers - Christmas Time Is Finally Here
The actual name of this song is "She's Comin' Home"... and a dandy tune from a dandy album!

12.) Fred Lowery - Silent Night
The famous Blind Whistler strikes again... check his story out here!

13.) Max Bygreaves - C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S
I thought I owned this song... turns out I didn't! Thanks Mike for the great tune!

14.) Paddy Roberts - Merry Christmas You Suckers
GREAT JUMPING ICEBERGS!! THIS IS THE SONG! I've been looking for this one for a long time... it's a twisted, sarcastic, irreverent Christmas song about the overindulgence of the holidays recorded in 1962! Very much like Tom Lehrer but more honest! THANKS MIKE!

15.) Heather Noel - Santa Came On A Nuclear Missle
Boy, the American Song-Poem Christmas CD sure has been popular over the last year or two!

16.) Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Last Night (I Went Out With Santa Claus)
A swinging tune from the Daddy!

17.) Senor Tonto - Hooray For Santa Claus
Another download offered at! Very similar to Petty Booka... Batman again at the end!

18.) Joey Ramone - Christmas
A cover of the Darlene Love song so the real title is "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)". Joey, Joey, Joey...

19.) Brenda Lee - I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus
Why do radio stations only play "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" and not this one by Brenda Lee?

20.) Roger Christian - Little Mary Christmas
Another gem from the "John Waters Christmas" CD... nothing like an orphaned disabled child at Christmas song!

21.) Run DMC - Christmas In Hollis
The penultimate Christmas rap song. I remember my friend Nate Lipscomb doing this one at a 1986 HS Christmas concert... tore it up!

22.) White Stripes - Candy Cane Children
They were really trying to sound like Led Zeppelin in this song... came awfully close!

23.) The Moog Machine - Carol Of The Bells
MOOOOOG! Sounds as fresh as the day it was recorded! Great stuff! Batman's making his rescue now!

24.) The Blind Boys Of Alabama - Go Tell It On The Mountain (featuring Tom Waits)
Not my favorite song off this album because I don't like Tom Waits... he's a caricature of his former great self.

25.) Funky Christmas - Funky Christmas (???)
Mike, this is track #5 on my CD. Artist / title = Corporal Blossom / White Christmas.

26.) Asche & Spencer - Merry Christmas Fruitcake
Read the full story on this song here ... ANYONE HAVE THE FULL CD ???

You did a fine job Mike in compiling a witty and fun Christmas comp to listen to. Keep searching out the weird and obscure and you can go a long way in impressing your friends and others.

One tip: keep developing the style of the CD as a whole. Don't be content to keep the format the same (song / sound bite at the end of the song) - shake it up, mix it up, and never be afraid to try something different. The more you do this, the more you'll find a format that's uniquely yours and ultimately comfortable for you.

Take a bow Mike... Your CD is exactly the 650th Christmas disc I now own!

650... I feel like Barry Bonds zeroing on Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron (minus the money, steroids, and attitude)!

On to the next new Christmas CD in my collection...



Josh said...

pleas upload this or let me know how i can get a copy. thanks

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CaptainOT said...

Josh - Visit this link:

Mike has extra copies of this year's Christmas CD... you could ask him directly!


Josh said...

wow, thanks a lot for the fast reply. i will definatley be joining that forum. keep up your great work... happy holidays....