Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yuleblog Memo

Dear readers of the yuleblog,

For the past few months, my somewhat usual schedule has been turned up, down, and every which way but Saturday. This can be attributed to a great number of reasons (stay-at-home dad duties, school activities with the kids, involved with several theater productions, travelling between Chicago and Cincinnati to watch the Cubs play great baseball) that has pulled my focus away from the computer.

In late March, I reached my peak and was posting two reviews a day. Since the beginning of April, my daily output here has trickled to an anemic one post a week.

How bad has it gotten? We've now reached mid-September - the month I usually have reserved to create and produce my annual Christmas CD for family and friends for the past nine years - and I'm two weeks behind in that regard as well.

I still have about 100+ albums that I downloaded last year that I haven't reviewed (or even burned and added to my permanent collection). I have approximately 40 Christmas albums that I had planned on sharing out for the 2007 holiday downloading season. To date, I have exactly three of them transferred.

It's been extremely frustrating and disappointing. The time I used to have to dedicate to my Christmas music obsession is no longer there in great quantity.

After careful consideration, I've come to a conclusion concerning the future of the yuleblog.

I'm not quitting the yuleblog. Not by a long shot.

I'm going to try my best with my ever changing daily schedule to sign on and post something here - a review, a link, maybe a brand new album post when I have them ready.

BTW, I have several of the albums I made available online last year available again. Check out my first, second, and third Christmas in July posts for the links.

Last year, I asked any and all Christmas music enthusiasts that create annual Christmas CDs to send me an extra copy. I'm still undecided whether or not if I will be asking this year - it all depends on how my winter schedule plays itself out. When I make a decision, I'll post it here.

A half hour ago, we hit midnight here in Fort Wayne. Today is my tenth wedding anniversary.

To celebrate, my wife and I are taking a trip to a place that neither of us have been to before - New York City. It's been nearly a full year since we've been away for some adult time away from the kids and we're looking forward to it.

Don't look for anything new here until October. If the Cubs get into the playoffs, we get extra baseball in October and being a die hard Cub fan, I'll gladly trade off the time!

This whole blog has been an immense labour of love and I've enjoyed all the joy, pain, sweat, and frustration involved putting it together.

I thank you for reading this far and continuing to visit us at the yuleblog.



Ernie said...

Happy Anniversary, Cap'n & Mrs. Cap'n!

Enjoy your trip!

stubbysfears said...

Happy Anniversary. You're gonna love New York!


Jonathan said...

Happy tenth Mr & Mrs Captain!

We love your in depth reviews and enthusiasm, but hey!, family comes first! We understand!

Why not just post on the twent-fifth of each month? Be as in depth or as simple as you like. Any review, link, or Christmas nugget from your vast collection is fine with us!

Be safe in a place I've never been either!


Jeff said...

Hey Capt,
I knew you couldn't walk away for long. Your fans are all understanding though, so we'd rather have occasional than nothing! Enjoy the Big Apple!

The King of Jingaling said...

Me and The Queen will be celebrating 10 years this Christmas (well, the 27th), so I'm with you all the way!

Have fun in the Big Apple!

Inkydog said...

Cap'ns -

Just celebrated my 17th last Saturday. Congrats to you both! Have a great sabbatical and we'll see you soon.


Stephen said...

Hey, what a coincidence - my 10th anniversary is next month! Well, Mr. Cap'n, I'm afraid time becomes a precious commodity when one has children, as you well know (and yours are growing like weeds). Don't worry so much, because there will always be other Christmases, and your hardcore readers will be here no matter the season.

Tru5t said...

Your memo makes me realise how so many of us are in similar situations. Starting with a big music obsession then we get married and that takes over (as it should) then we add some youngsters every couple of years until your so busy with life and you're hands are too full to continue doing what you used to always do.

We all love you Capt and will enjoy your posts whatever the pace.

Happy Anniversary!

Puckwheat said...

First of all, Happy 10th! My own schedule (and life) has changed dramatically recently, too. After 22 years in radio, I felt it was time to get a "real" job. I started working for the US Post Office this week, and even my boys realize that dad may not be able to make it to EVERY event. I've been to every event since they started school. I have one who is 15 and one that is 12. They are my life, so I know exactly where you are coming from. Just know, Capt'n, that regardless of how much or how little you are able to share with us this season, it will all be greatly appreciated. With you, Ernie & The King, you have made me feel less of a dork by LOVING Christmas music. I honestly thought I was the only one. Now, I know there are many of us. Thank you for everything you do and enjoy your trip with the Mrs.

Tom...Royal Oak, MI

PDMan said...

The missus and I wish you a Happy 10th as well!

Take care and we'll look look forward to your return.

john said...

"If the Cubs get into the playoffs..."

Ferchristsake, don't jinx 'em ! !

Anonymous said...

I've stayed away from blog lurking for many months, but in spite of the heat here in southern Ontario, I've actually thought about getting my Christmas music sorted --- I'm quite home-ridden, one of the perils of the golden years, -- but I happened to look at your blog and was pleased to see the postings in July -- I probably have a lot of them, but am too disorganized to be sure. (I also collect images of south African stapeliads from a yahoo site, so I am not a one-note maniac). I so appreciate all your effort, given freely, and very welcome to those of us with limited resources and mobility. Savoadaki

Dave said...

October almost over. Wondering if you are going to return soon. Hope so. Thanks!

Tony said...

Do what ya gotta do to make it work, cap'n!

We've been happily married here since 1989 and we have fun with everything as much as we can--even when it comes to paying for a new hot water heater!

Congrats on your 10th, just know we all support you.


PS: if anyone has been trying to reach me, I had a "kernel panic" last spring and lost some of my emails. you can reconnect by contacting me at


Karissa Noel said...

I am a fellow Christmas song fanatic and was glad to have stumbled upon your blog.

I have what is, without a doubt, the best Christmas song written in the past 50 years (okay, to be fair, I'll say one of the top 10). No, I'm not talking about another "The Christmas Shoes" - this is a toe-tappin', clever little ditty that fits in perfectly with the classic Christmas songs of the mid-twentieth century. Matter of fact, I'm certain that if it had been written back then, Brenda Lee would have recorded it and it would have been every bit as big, if not bigger than, "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" - yes, it is really that good! Lucky for me, it was written in this century, and I get to be the one who goes down in history as the gal who brought Christmas music back to its heyday!

Anyway, it being mid-November, I'm in a mad rush to get it to anyone who will listen and you seem like a perfect candidate. It is of the utmost importance that lovers of Christmas music everywhere hear this song!


Very Merrily,

Karissa Noel

Karissa Noel said...

Silly me - perhaps leaving a way to contact me wouldn't be such a bad idea. Here's my MySpace page:

CaptainOT said...

Ernie / Stubby / Jonathan / Jeff / King / Inky / Stephen / Tru5t / Puckwheat / PDMan / Savoadaki / Tony -

The Mrs. and I had a great time in the Big Apple! Thanks for the kind words one and all!

John - Trust me, I didn't jinx the Cubs, their bats did! (PS: I was at Wrigley for their playoff loss - depressing!)

Dave - Better late than never!

Karissa Noel - I'll take a listen... thanks!