Monday, July 16, 2007

Christmas In Mid-July

Wow... time has certainly had its way with me over these first few weeks of July. Between the T-ball games of my oldest daughter, chaperoned day care outings, theater obligations, travels to Chicago to see my family and my beloved Cubs, I have had zero time to do anything Christmas related. Especially when the kids don't want to play in the hot Indiana summer and rather play computer games.

And the scary thing is... my family and I are about to head to Chicago (again) and the rest of my July is booked solid. The silver lining around this is between today and Wednesday, I have a window to actually work at the computer (since I've hidden all my kids CD-ROMs but you didn't read that here).

My original plans were to share out around eight new Christmas albums and any re-link requests you submitted. Due to all my activities with the family, these have been scaled back. Not as bad as you think, though.

There will be four new Christmas albums to offer... and I'm working on posting ALL my shares from last year's downloading season in November and December. Sadly, I've misplaced my 2006 Christmas In July CD-R so I won't be able to post any of those... sorry!

To begin with, I've posted every album request I received via the re-link requests (with the exception of the A Christmas Yuleblog Sampler - 2006). These include:

The Alcoa Singers - An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Pat Boone - White Christmas

Ken Griffin - Christmas Organ

Alex Houston & Elmer - Here Comes Peter CottonClaus

Pac-Man - The Pac-Man Christmas Album

O Tannenbaum - Christmas On The Rhine

As soon as I get the rest posted, you'll be the first to know. As soon as I complete the final touches on the four new Christmas albums, they'll be posted (sometime later today? Schedule permitting...).



Anonymous said...

Not to worry, Captain! Your fan legion isn't opposed to your having a life.

We eagerly await to gobble the nuggets as they are dropped!

Jonathan in Alabama who can't remember his password

Ernie said...

I was starting to worry that maybe you'd travelled too far North and fallen off the edge of the Earth...