Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Yuleblog Welcome Wagon

We here at the yuleblog are always excited to find new Christmas blogs. We've had a great roster of blogs to choose from in our "Links" section located in the top right hand corner of our template.

We're pleased to announce several new blogs have been added:

Cheerful Earful - Inkydog, a veteran of, has decided to pitch a tent and open his own blog! Inky has posted several wonderful rare Christmas albums (Hugo & Luigi, Helen O'Connell, Jan Garber) and we heartily welcome him to the neighborhood!

Sanity Clause's Shanty - Sanity Clause's blog really caught my eye this year. He has some remarkable stuff like Jimmy Jenson (The Country Singing Swede) and a too-cool-for-words full-length Christmas mix for 2007. This is a comp that makes you sit up and swoon with delight at the amazing sounds assembled. Well done Sanity!

Santas Working Overtime - The good people at Senses Working Overtime decided to create a Christmas only blog. There is always something here that will tickle your Christmas fancy: podcasts, stocking stuffers full of MP3s, always amazing Christmas artwork, and Christmas links, links, and more links! Keep up the overtime work!

Jingle Bell Rocks - Mitchell Kezin is an independent filmmaker from Canada who is creating a documentary about the fascinating world of alternative Christmas music and their obsessive compulsives (Andy Cirzan, Jon Solomon, John Waters, Eddie Gorodetsky). Stop by his site and/or his Jingle Bell Rocks blog where updates can be found!

Christmas A Go Go! - Taking a long winters nap at present, this blog brings together Christmas like minded people every November and December with some fantastic international finds, lots of Christmas MP3s, and links to some pretty cool Christmas sites and comps! Any chance of a Christmas in July?

Feels Like Christmas - Didn't get your fill of Christmas MP3s last year? Want to give your clicking finger a workout? Then this is the place for you! Every song has been submitted by the artist themselves (meaning 100% free and legal Christmas downloads), it's easy to navigate, preview, and DL! Stop by and put the RIAA back in their place!

Christmas Shario - Dave is a Christmas kind of guy. That's why this blog is fully devoted to Christmas in all shapes and forms: Christmas LPs, links, old time radio broadcasts on MP3, video clips, and some cool images of Christmas art in all shapes and sizes. You're bound to find something over there and tell Dave the Capt sent ya!

Twelve Months Of Christmas - The Tone King hails from Kansas City, Missouri and began this new and exciting blog last year. His mission is to post Christmas songs off the beaten path of songs you hear commonly in stores and on radio stations in December. By the looks of it, he's on the right beaten path! Welcome neighbor!

Tacky Christmas Yards - Many blog names are vague and have very little to do with what's published there. However, this title says it all. Posting your submissions of the gaudiest, over-the-top, and (yes, I'll say it) tackiest Christmas house displays, this is a visual feast or famine depending on your point of view. And it must be viewed to be believed!

Santa Claus Blog - Did you know the Big Guy has his own blog? I didn't believe it at first... but I started reading. The more I read, the more I was convinced this was the one and only Santa Claus! Subjects range from talking about his exotic trips around the world with Mrs. Claus to his college football picks (who knew?). Santa tends to ramble but what do you expect from a guy who mainly says "Ho Ho Ho" out in public?

If there's a favorite Christmas blog that you have that I don't have listed in the links, please leave a link in the comments section below. There's no guarantee it will go up in the links section immediately but when I get a moment, I'll check them out and possibly add them later.



bean said...

As a matter of fact, I do have one I think you'll like.

At I post an mp3 of a Christmas song every day of the year. I went live last Thanksgiving Day. I already link to your site and will add the others you have written about here too.

Reach me at Thanks, and happy holidays!!!

Ernie said...

Bean? At Hmmmm...

So It Goes said...

Hi there, my name's Steve, and I found you through Santa's Working Overtime: I too have a Christmas blog with a UK flavour (since that's where I come from). I'm at Nice to meet you!

stubbysfears said...

Hey, Ernie!

Steve there's got the lyrics to "Ernie, The Fastest Milkman In The West"!

Ernie said...

I used to know a girl who told me there was a song called that, but I didn't believe her. I'd call her and apologize, but I'm not that big a man...

Christmas said...

Hello, I was wondering if you could add my Christmas Blog to your links? I would appreciate it. I've only recently started posting, but plan on posting more in the near future.

I thank you in advance.

Susan/Christmas Forever
Here is the link:

xmasbrains said...

Please include a link to

CaptainOT said...

Bean (WOW!) / So It Goes / Susan / Xmasbrains - I'll be updating the links pretty doggone soon!