Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Jingle Punx - It's What I Got In My Sack

This was the second Christmas CD sent to our P.O. Box by someone in the music industry.

The Jingle Punx started out as a joke between friends that quickly became a under the radar band that has released FIVE full Christmas punk albums.

This led to a cult following on the web via their own website and their MySpace site, having their music played on MTV's "Laguna Beach", FX's "Nip/Tuck", and a recent blast over the German TV airwaves!

I reviewed this CD over at FaLaLaLaLa last year and to quote:

"From the first notes of their bodyslamming version of "Joy To The World" to the gritty voice of Ana Isabel (of the band Goodbye Gadget) singing "Santa Baby" to a remarkable cover of Run DMC’s classic "Christmas In Hollis", the Punx never forget rule number one: have fun while rocking it out.

"That rule comes blaring across your speakers in full throttle!

"Every Christmas music collection should have at least one punk Christmas CD to shake things up now and then (or to purposely annoy that neighbor with the obnoxious Christmas display). You can’t go wrong with this album on that front."

Whenever I sit here to write a review - usually in the mornings as my three year old daughter sleeps in - I usually pop the CD into the computer and listen to it as I type. When the Punx CD went in, I had to lower the volume. I was not just afraid of awakening my daughter but the whole neighborhood in general!

I'm listening to the second song on their CD: a cover of the Beach Boys insipid Christmas song "The Man With All The Toys". In their hands, the Punx have created a version of the song not only that I actually like but plain kicks ass while doing it!

Found the title track on YouTube:

Thanks to Steve, Eric, Doug, D.K., and Rico for sending me a fun, fantastic, rockin' Christmas CD! I've already added your other four CDs to my Santa list!

UP NEXT: Double your pleasure, double your fun with Doublemint... no, Double Crown!


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