Thursday, January 04, 2007

Seasonal Favorites V1 (Double Crown Records)

This was the third Christmas CD sent to our P.O. Box by someone in the music industry.

Sean of Double Crown Records contacted us here at the yuleblog on November 3rd in a comment page:

"My label, Double Crown Records, has just reissued a Christmas CD that I put out 6 years ago. Do you ever do CD reviews? If so, I'd love to send a copy to you."

He left a long description of the album and where to buy it at which I felt was using my site to help sell his album. I removed the comment from the yuleblog, e-mailed my reasons for doing so stating "that I would give a fair, objective review" upon receiving the CD.

Sean agreed and sent the CD to us... It arrived and I promptly reviewed it at FaLaLaLaLa last year:

"Back in 2000, Double Crown Records released this CD that featured sixteen Christmas songs done by various surf n’ garage bands. The CD proved so popular that it sold out its entire first pressing. Six years later, it’s back! The folks at Double Crown Records have reissued this gem and added three BONUS tracks - fourteen instrumentals and five vocal tracks in total!

"The music is tip-top-notch - not a clunker to be heard in this set! Several of the groups listed here (The Boss Martians, The Firebirds, The Ebineezer Scrooge Appreciation Society) are in fine form and you’ll find yourself tapping your toes or riding a wave in your mind when you listen! If you’re a fan of surf, garage, or Christmas, this compilation is for you!

"This CD (with some great artwork from the one and only Johnny Bartlett) would make a great double bill along side your copies of "The Ventures Christmas Album" or "A Christmas Gift To You From Phil Spector".

"Give this one as a Christmas present - either to someone who loves Christmas music or to yourself. Don’t wait another six years!"

There's something that I haven't said about this CD since I first reviewed it. What Sean and the rest of you don't know is that surf guitar music is a guilty pleasure for me. This goes back to one of my first purchases ever on compact disc in 1991 - the legendary "Ventures Christmas Album".

I've practically worn this CD out. Thank goodness I can still order another copy!

UP NEXT: Let me take you down cause I'm going to... Flabby Road?


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