Friday, March 16, 2007

We're about to get COMPED! - Week 7 (Part 2)

Here's the schedule for next week - focusing on the first half of Martin Johns' amazing 21 comps he sent to the yuleblog:

Monday, March 19th:
JohnsCDs 2006-0869-029 - The Holiday Festival Of Music V1
JohnsCDs 2002-110(33)-029(A) - Hepcat Holiday

Tuesday, March 20th:
JohnsCDs 2002-1827-18 - Solid Gold Christmas V2
JohnsCDs 2002-2332-035(42) - An American Postal Worker's Christmas

Wednesday, March 21st:
JohnsCDs 2003-0843-030 - Mo' Xmas Vinyl
JohnsCDs 2004-0448-024 - I Love Beach Music

Thursday, March 22nd:
JohnsCDs 2004-0751-023 - Memories Of Christmas
JohnsCDs 2005-0152-027 - No Rain, No Rainbow: A Contemporary Hawaiian Christmas

Friday, March 23rd:
JohnsCDs 2005-0556-032 - Progressive Christmas V4
JohnsCDs 2005-0657-031 - Blues For Christmas

Saturday, March 24th:
JohnsCDs 2005-0859-020 - Breaking Up Christmas

This schedule is subject to change - but I'm going to try to get it done.
Call the guys in the white coats... he's delusional!


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