Friday, June 08, 2007

Making The Upgrade

As usual, there are several stacks of CDs next to my computer. Some are waiting to be entered into my master spreadsheet, some are waiting to be reviewed here at the yuleblog, and some are waiting to be classified in both categories.

To ease back into the flow of things, next week I've decided to look at a small stack of CDs that are upgrades to my collection - either I've acquired better or complete artwork for my CD-R copies or I found an actual copy of the CD that replaces the CD-R altogether.

Most of these upgrades occurred last Christmas during the 2006 downloading season and came from our good friends Ernie at Ernie (not Bert) and FaLaLaLaLa member PDMan.

So here's the tentative schedule for next week:

Monday, June 11 - Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas
Tuesday, June 12 - The Don Les Harmonicats - Christmas With
Wednesday, June 13 - Jan Garber - Christmas Dance Party
Thursday, June 14 - The Moog Machine - Christmas Become Electric
Friday, June 15 - Hawaiian Christmas (TWO REVIEWS)

One final note: In about three weeks, it will be Christmas in July. While others barbeque, light off fireworks, and sweat in the summer sun, I'll be sitting in my air-conditioned home, listening to the Christmas melodies of Peggy Lee, The Mighty Echoes, and the Vince Guaraldi Trio, and celebrating Christmas early. I do have some surprises in store so stay tuned.


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