Saturday, November 21, 2009

The FPT Christmas Revue - In Rehearsal

What is today? Saturday... okay. I've lost track of time!

For the past several weeks, a bunch of local Fort Wayne actors (myself included) have been furiously working on an upcoming Christmas production I had previously mentioned back in September.

It's under two weeks now until we are in front of an audience and the whole production is beginning to gel. It's been an amazing process and the cast is having loads of fun getting this on its legs.

I've been meaning to post some pictures that I took at rehearsal the other night... it SEEMS like it was the other night...

Gee, a guy with a white beard and a kid sitting on his lap - I wonder what this could be all about?

The staging of a large group sketch that leads off our show.

Another staging of a musical number. Note another guy with a white beard in the center. Forgive the silhouetted foreground figure - he's the director and I couldn't very yell at him to stay out of the shot.

During a rehearsal break, Joel D. Scribner, the director of the show, gives out notes and information to the attentive actors hanging on his every word.

Psst... Joel... this one's for the blog so look REAL important like...

We just discovered the other night that interest in the show has been strong. So strong that we added TWO extra shows to the schedule. Performances are now December 3rd through December 20th. For more info, check out First Presbyterian Theater's website.

Hope to see you down there - I think you'll love the show!


4 comments: said...

Looking great Capt. I so wish I could be there, because I know it will be great... Any chance anyone is videotaping?

(And I need that painted floor for my living room when you're done...! Cool!)

Kelly S said...

I can't wait to see it!

PS. Whatever "imporc" means, it must be important, because I had to write it to leave this comment.

Cathy said...

It really does look like you are having a lot of fun! Congratulations on putting together a wonderful looking productions. What do they say in show business? Break a leg!


Mathew said...

It looks like you guys will have a great Show! Wish I could see it. I know what its like ot be in Christmas mode in November, I have been in “XMAS” mode for months now. I have been working on a Christmas CD. My 3 year old was the only kid I know running around singing Jingle Bells ( by the way- she screams “HEY!!!” After the one horse open sleigh part) in September at the beach.

So bring on Christmas. I’m ready for some joy!

If you have time, take a listen to my CD “One Winters Night- Sounds for a Flamenco Christmas”. You can download or preorder a CD at .

It will make a great gift for anyone, and is the perfect hostess gift. Just grab a Spanish wine and my CD and you’ll be the hit of the party :)

Happy Holidays,