Friday, August 29, 2008

Christmas on Labor Day Weekend (for some!)

I would be remiss if I didn't mention a major event in some people's homes this weekend. The 43rd Annual Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon will broadcast for 22 hours live from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Watching to see what celebrity shows up on the telethon is a huge draw and helping kids is always a plus. But let's get serious. Most tune in to see what kind of shenanigans Jerry is gonna pull next:

My friend Scott Marks runs an amazing blog entitled Emulsion Compulsion - a vast home of movie reviews, rants, and quite possibly one of the most extensive image vaults on the web (yes, including Christmas images!).

Scott is probably the biggest Jerry Lewis fan on the planet. He has an extensive collection of Jerry memorabilia including a rare 1976 "CBer's for Jerry" patch that was donated to him by yours truly. He has watched every Jerry movie extensively (no, not "The Day The Clown Cried") and not only has he interviewed Jerry more than once, he once babysat for his daughter Danielle!

Last year (as in years past), he stayed up every single hour of the telethon and blogged as he went. It was in those wee small hours of the morning that Scott thought he heard something on the way to the kitchen:

It's this kind of danger and spontaneity combined with the combustible Lewis that makes Scott going back for more. This is his Christmas.

22 1/2 hours of B-list celebrities (Julius LaRosa, Norm Crosby), appeals from Tony Orlando and Charo (whose face so botoxed it looks like she stood in a 95 MPH windstorm and lost), and an aging, broke Ed McMahon yelling "TIMPANI!".

Stop by Scott's blog this weekend to offer encouragement and/or professional help. While you're at it, why not take a moment to stop by and donate some $$$$ to Jerry's kids?

Walk on... walk on... with hope in your heart...



Creedmoor said...

Thanks for the kind words, but I thinketh you misquoteth me. I never babysat Danielle. Jerry knows better. I'd have locked her in her crib and ransacked the place for a copy of "The Day the CLown Cried." When she was a baby, she sat in my lap in the Lewis suite at The Drake. It was marvelous.

I'll be blogging again this year.

BTW, any Colonna X-Mas songs? "It caaaaaaaaaaame up on midnight cleeeeeeeeeeear...""

Love ya', Rob!!!


CaptainOT said...

Scott - So the baby sat on your lap... that's good enough for me!

Marvelous or Mah-velous?

As for Colonna, stay tuned!