Friday, November 24, 2006

Pete Fountain - Candy Clarinet: Merry Christmas From (STEREO)

One of the very first letters that came to my PO box was from Denise of South Charleston, West Virginia. She writes:

"I noticed that your blog had a review and an option to download the album / music in July, 2006. I have been looking for this recording off and on for many years".

Yes and no. I did indeed review a copy of Pete Fountain's "'Candy Clarinet': Merry Christmas From" but never offered it as a download. That job had already been filled by my good friend Ernie when he offered this album at his blog last December.


Shortly after this review was posted, Ernie sent me a link to an eBay auction that was offering a STEREO copy of the Fountain album that he wanted as an upgrade.

Then it hit me - I already had a copy of the stereo version somewhere in the stacks of LPs I owned! After some shuffling, I did indeed find it! I offered to send it to Ernie so he could transfer it over and share it as an upgrade at his blog. Ernie - gracious as always - declined my offer, stating he had way to much stuff lined up already and encouraged me to transfer it over myself.

If I needed anymore convincing, yesterday afternoon we received a comment from John here at the yuleblog:

"I am looking for Pete Fountain's Christmas Album.
Cannot locate it,any help appreciated - Candy Clarinet"

I'm beginning to wonder if someone played this and found a backward masking - the whole Santa - Satan issue confirmed! Perhaps it will tell us the secret of life, where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, or who will win Super Bowl XLI next February.

So before anyone else asks, here is my first offering for the 2006 downloading season:

Pete Fountain - Candy Clarinet: Merry Christmas From (STEREO)

Happy listening...



Ernie said...

Thanks for sharing out the stereo version of this. Now I can listen to it with both ears, instead of just one. That was always pretty annoying...

CaptainOT said...

Ernie - Glad I was able to clear your hearing! Thanks for the encouragement with this one!


jezzo said...

I wanted to listen to it too,
but the file was not found.

CaptainOT said...

Jezzo -


Anonymous said...

Love this music, fond memories from Christmas in the 70's. Many thanks...