Monday, December 10, 2007

Carmen Le Nard - Jolly Snowman - SINGLE

This is the second of three Christmas singles that I had time to transfer, digitally restore, scan, zip, and upload (sounds cruel when it's put that way, huh?). I found this on eBay the very first week of January this year. There was a ton of Christmas music just lying there online with no takers - timing is everything!

What caught my eye was the description: "Also included is a letter to prospective radio stations by the artist himself." When the package arrived, I quickly found the letter (dated October, 1987) and read a request to play the record for their radio audiences.

The letter also included his home address and phone number. I broke down and called the phone number included - to get the full story of the artist and the song. I only got a befuddled woman who didn't know what I was talking about.

I examined the record - side one is the vocal version of the song (copyrighted both in 1984 and 1986) while side two is oddly labeled "Instrumental version" with a vocal credit to Le Nard!

Recorded in reggae style with more than enough 1980s synth, chimes, and saxophone, it tells the story of a lonely guy who has no one to dance with... that is until a "jolly snowman" comes along and changes the whole story! I have to admit the song is quite good - this tune will stick in your head after the first listening!

It's a holly, jolly Holliday:

Carmen Le Nard - Jolly Snowman - SINGLE

Happy listening...



stubbysfears said...

I've got this one. Don't think I've ever even listened to it before. Thanks, Cap! Now I guess I should go dig it out of the pile, huh?

CaptainOT said...

Stubby - I'm interested to know if your copy is similar or different to my copy.

It's a catchy tune... found myself humming it the other day while standing in line at the Post Office!