Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Christmas Yuleblog Sampler - 2007

On Christmas Day last year, I posted my very first yuleblog sampler - a "best of" compilation from all of my shares of the previous year. Nothing new was added, a fancy cover & booklet was thrown in, and that was that.

Thanks to my overextended schedule of the last several months, I wasn't able to complete what I wanted to do for this season. Many albums I've obtained over the past year are sitting inside a box waiting to be touched. Several of these albums have been already shared out across the sharity network:

Arthur Godfrey - Christmas With
Gary Mann - Christmas With
Seeburg - The Sound & Color Of Christmas
Ethel Smith - Christmas Music
Santa's Helpers - All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth
Swing Along With Santa's Snowmen
Susie & Allie - Christmas With

I've decided to sample the albums that you and I didn't get to hear. These are selections from full albums that I hope to share at some point down the road (unless someone beats me to it - Ernie's the 5:2 favorite right now).

These won't be included in a zip file - I don't have the time to upload that big of a creature. Instead, these will be available as individual tracks so you can pick and choose the ones you want.

I also have a front and back cover ready but no booklet. If someone wants to whip up a booklet using this picture, post a link in the comments section so everyone can get a copy.

Your 2007 Christmas Yuleblog Sampler:

Track 1 - Klara Solen Pa Himmelen Den Lyser

Ake Jelving - Christmas In Sweden
Capitol Records - T 10079 - 195?

Capitol Records issued many of these "Christmas In..." albums - this is one of three I had hoped to share. Original 1950s pressing according to Goldmine!

Track 2 - Jingle Bell Rock

Jim Baker - A Steel-Guitar Christmas
Power Pak Records / Gusto - PO-506 - 1974/1975

This was one of three Power Pak / Gusto Christmas records I had hoped to share.

Track 3 - The Carolers (Vocal)

The Sing 'N' Do Company - Christmas Windows
Sing 'N' Do Inc - 033 - 19??

A full holiday program for your school! Side one is the vocals, side two is instrumental so your kids can sing!

Track 4 - The Wise Men Who Followed The Christmas Star

The Kid's Bible Club - At Christmastime
Sword Records - S-1409-LP - 196?

Indiana leads the nation in religious albums sent to the vinyl dustbin - a mix of Bible stories & songs.

Track 5 - White Christmas

Patricia Wilde - Christmas Carols In Percussion
Acorn Records - Acorn 692 - 19??

The cover is striking but this is your typical budget Christmas organ & chimes LP. Acorn Records?

Track 6 - Good King Wenceslas

Longstreth & Escosa - Christmas With
Carriage Records - CRLP-5031 - 19??

This one comes from Fort Wayne - hometown to one of the duelling harpists & recorded here as well!

Track 7 - O Holy Night

Merrill Womach - Sings Christmas Carols
Melodies Divine - LP 6801 - 1968

A Christian artist who survived a fiery plane crash. Ernie's gonna share this one soon - check out Merrill's MySpace page!

Track 8 - Rock Around The Christmas Tree

Charles & Baker - Nashville Harmonica At Christmas Time
Power Pak Records / Gusto - PO-502 - 1974/1975

This was one of three Power Pak / Gusto Christmas records I had hoped to share.

Track 9 - Tiha Noć

Sacred Heart School Choir - Sings Croatian & English Christmas Carols
Galewood Records - GR 12561 - 19??

South Chicago school choir sing "Silent Night" in Croatian on this "for home use only" album!

Track 10 - Abe Wanene

Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudonin - Christmas In The Congo
Philips Records - PCC 207 - 1972

The title of the album says all - lots of authentic Congo Christmas songs. World music, anyone?

Track 11 - Frosty The Snowman

The Jim Glaser Singers - Old Time Christmas Singing With
Starday Records - SLP 149 - 1961

A great mix of country, gospel, and rockabilly! If I only had more time... and how 'bout that cover?

Track 12 - Buon Natale (Merry Christmas)

Various Artists - Christmas In Italy
Capitol Records - T 10093 - 196?

Capitol Records issued many of these "Christmas In..." albums - this is one of three I had hoped to share.

Track 13 - Ave Maria

Heino - A Festive German Christmas
Peters International - PLD 7064 - 1969

The one and only Heino! Side one is a 20 minute Christmas medley - side two is mostly religious songs.

Track 14 - Christmas Letter

Sonny James - My Christmas Dream
Capitol Records - T 2589 - 1966

This is a three hanky tearjerker! This is a mono copy - I'm gonna have to find the stereo one now!

Track 15 - An Editorial from the New York Sun,
Christmas 1897

Various Artists - A Christmas Greeting
Recording For The Blind Inc. - 1964

Celebs read to the blind! Louis Jourdan introduces Edward G. Robinson who reads "Yes, Virginia..."

Track 16 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Jan August - Christmas Favorites With
Mercury Records - MG 20160 - 1955

This album and I went 15 rounds - side one has craters and I tried unsuccessfully to get it transferred several times.

Track 17 - C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S

Anita Bryant - The Miracle Of Christmas
Word Records - WST-8558-LP - 1972

After she romped with Bob Hope in Vietnam and before she took on the gay community, Anita recorded this.

Track 18 - Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly

Al Goodman & His Orchestra - Play A Christmas Symphony
Parade Records - XSP-403 - 195?

A budget release with some incredible sounds! Lush strings, majestic - this is quite fantastic!

Track 19 - Hosianna

Ingvar Wixell - Christmas Music Of Sweden
Capitol Records - DT-10485 - 1965

Famed opera star Wixell belts out some Swedish Christmas tunes - this will wake you up!

Track 20 - Blue Christmas

Vic Jordan - Christmas Banjo
Power Pak Records / Gusto - PO-501 - 1974/1975

This was one of three Power Pak / Gusto Christmas records I had hoped to share.

Track 21 - Indian Christmas Carol

The Klaudt Indian Family - Peace On Earth
Family Tone Records - KF-908 - 196?

An Indian gospel group from Atlanta, the Klaudts recorded and put this out on their own label!

Track 22 - Christmas Medley

Bob Ralston - Christmas Hymns & Carols (STEREO)
RCA Camden Records - CAS-994 - 1966

One of the first albums I've ever shared, I finally found a stereo copy (still sealed, no less!)

Track 23 - Kling, Glöckchen, Kling (Sound, Little Bell, Sound)

Bielefelder Kinderchor - Christmas In Germany
Capitol Records - T 10095 - 196?

Capitol Records issued many of these "Christmas In..." albums - this is one of three I had hoped to share.

Track 24 - The First Christmas

Various Artists - Cricket On The Hearth
RCA Victor - LSO-1140 - 1967

Another soundtrack to a Rankin/Bass animated Christmas special. The DVD is out, why not the soundtrack?

Track 25 - We Wish You A Merry Christmas

The Jack Halloran Singers - The Little Drummer Boy
Dot Records - DLP 25233 - 1957

Some people confuse their title song with the Harry Simeone Chorale's famous version - so I picked the last song!

High resolution front and back covers

This is my next to last share of the 2007 downloading season, my final post this year, and my final post for some time to come. In the next days and weeks, I will be helping my son with his first Christmas play at school - Alex is one of the Three Kings. My theater background should help him properly.

My family's schedule is changing constantly (school, field trips, family trips, etc) and thanks to job description changes in my wife's job, I might be heading back to the workplace. I haven't drawn a paycheck since I became a stay-at-home dad eight years ago - this could be deadly. I'll try to post here as best as I can.

Some things you should know:

1.) All of my shares will be taken down on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008 - download 'em now!
2.) If there is something you would like to see posted in the future, please visit this entry.
3.) We are not reviewing Christmas comps again next February - please refrain from sending anything (unless it's a real cool OOP Christmas album or money).
4.) My final share comes on December 26th at Otis Fodder's 365 Days Project - mark it on your calendar!

I wish all of you a very Happy Hannukah, a Happy Sinterklassavond, a Happy Saint-Nicolas Day, a Happy Winter Solstice, a Happy Boxing Day, a Merry Kwanzaa, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

War is over (if you want it)... Peace



stubbysfears said...

Merry Christmas, Captain! I pray that God will rain prosperity down upon your that I may continue to get my Yuleblog fix. (Is that reasonably within the spirit of the Holiday?)

Ron said...

Thanks for all your shares. Just thought I'd let you know that the Al Goodman "Christmas Symphony" is available for download on emusic and rhapsody under 1000 Strings with the artist name of Art Neville. It has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.


PDMan said...

As always, great work Cap'n. You've made my holiday!

The King of Jinglaling said...

Man, this is killer. I've never seen 2/3 of those albums!

I also picked up that Patricia Wilde album last year because of that totally groovy cover. But the music inside is totally nondescript. A huge letdown.

Anonymous said...


I work at Billboard magazine and am trying to reach out to the Captain. However, I don't see an email address listed for him.

If anyone has it, could they email me at kcaulfield -- at -- billboard -- (d.o.t.) com.

Thank you,

Erick Monsterama2000 said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful music, Capt. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

RadioJonD said...

Your generosity with and knowledge of Christmas music is second to none, Rob! Thanks for everything thus far and for the nuggets you will throw out in the future as time warrants!

Like stubbysfears, I shall offer a prayer for a smooth transition for your family as y'all progress to the next chapter.

And allow me to say, what a handsome family as well!


john said...

Thank you so much for all the great music.
I loved the tune from the Christmas in Sweden album.
I didn't understand a word of it but loved it just the same!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all this wonderful music! I wish you and yours the very best this holiday season.

Bill Huot said...

Thanks for all you've done, Captain. Good luck with your changing lifestyle. And the comp that I sent wasn't for review -- it was for you. Merry Christmas! Happy Solstice!

DMR60 said...

Glad to hear you got your hands on a stereo version of Ralston's Christmas album. I was just about to send you a copy of mine for your enjoyment.

Thanks for another year of great music. Have a FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS!!!

P-E Fronning said...

Hello Captain!

This year's Martin Klasch Christmas production is Santaphonic!

Happy listening and God Jul!

gyozamonsta said...

really fantastic mix. I esp love all the cover art you've included. i've included it in my holiday mix roundup here.
merry christmas.

Catholic Mom said...

I hadn't heard Christmas in Sweden in 40 years. Thanks for bringing a nostalgic tear of joy. As a little child my sister and I would whirl about the room to this album. Ah, such memories

Merry Christmas!


CaptainOT said...

Everyone - Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad to have brightened your Christmas a smidge!