Friday, December 07, 2007

Justin Wilson - A Cajun Christmas With

When I began serious collecting Christmas music online via Napster (the pre-legal days), I was able to grab an MP3 of Justin Wilson's "Randolph The Rouge Nosed Reindeer". The Cajun Chef singing Christmas songs? Then I noticed several of his 45 singles on eBay, then the occasional Christmas album (which always went for a pretty penny).

Earlier this year, I found a SEALED copy of this album in a record shop in Chicago. Admittedly this isn't the original 1966 Paula album - it was repackaged and released at the height of Justin's PBS popularity in 1987.

Backed by Bert Peck & The Kings of Dixieland, Justin slices his way through twelve Christmas favorites the way he would clean and gut a catfish. Some of the songs are quite silly and fun (the aforementioned "Randolph", "Santa Done Brought Himself To Town", and "The Chipmunk Song" (??)) while others are quite touching and reverent ("White Christmas", "Silent Night", "O Come All Ye Faithful").

If you're a fan of Dixieland and the phrase "I GAR-RON-TEE" thrown around like a fish at a Seattle market, then this album is for you:

Justin Wilson - A Cajun Christmas With

Happy listening...



oldsleepyowl said...

Thank you so much for this Justin Wilson Christmas music. I used to watch his cooking show all the time.
He was a one of a kind person, and had a great personality.


CaptainOT said...

Old Sleepy Owl - Ever see Justin Wilson measure out salt on his program?

He'd stick his hand out, pour liberally into his palm, and merely say "one teaspoon, two teaspoon" and dump it into his cooking pot.

Then he would pour into his palm again, grab a measuring teaspoon, and wouldn't ya know? It was EXACTLY one teaspoon!


oldsleepyowl said...

Yes Capt
I did see Justin Wilson pour out the salt in his hand, and although it looked like it was a lot more than what the measured amount should have been, it was always the right amount.
He sure knew a lot about cooking, and his stories were always interesting too.

Babbo Natale said...

Ahoy Capt,
I stumbled on to this blog on a Google search for somemore Eddie G(orodetsky) mixes. Tonight I read your blog entry circa 2006 and, like you, I "A" have put together Christmas music tapes (now CDs) for family and "B" after buying "Christmas Party With Eddie G" on a hunch back in '92, I always wondered if there were more and how I could get them.
Are you still looking, because I managed to score mp3's of all of his projects from 1998-2006 (#'s 16-24). If you're interested I can show you how you can do the same and/or trade files.
Email me,

CaptainOT said...

Babbo - At the present time, I'm not actively trading with anyone for anything Christmas... down the road, who knows? Thanks for the offer!


Kai said...

Argh! The link is gone... I realy want to hear this rec.

/Kai (Sweden)

Anonymous said...

Link is working(!), music sounds beautiful - thank you very much for sharing!