Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2002 Playlist

The 2002 playlist:

1.) 2002 intro
My usual intro with the Flat Duo Jets on "Jingle Bells".

2.) Pennsylvania 6-5000 - The Twelve And One-Half Days Of Christmas
Long before Straight No Chaser became a YouTube phenomenon, this song made the rounds of many college glee clubs and fraternities. This version is the third in my collection.

3.) Bob Rivers - Carol Of The Bartenders
I've lost two friends at Christmas time thanks to drunk driving. This one gets the message across. A gem from the good folks at Twisted Christmas.

4.) The Osbournes - Sharon & Ozzy discuss plans for Christmas
Maybe the last thing I ever watched on MTV. Their Christmas episode ranks up there with any classic sitcom Christmas episode (in my eyes).

5.) R.E.M. - Christmas Griping
The boys from Athens, GA have quite a collection of fan-club only Christmas singles. This 1991 offering is their best.

6.) Barenaked Ladies (with Sarah McLachlan) - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / We Three Kings
My wife is a HUGE McLachlan fan and loves the Barenaked Ladies - this one was put here for her.

7.) Late Show with David Letterman - Nathan Lane discusses his new Christmas album
A random clip from 2001. "Nathan Wishes You a Very Merry Hchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Christmas" was all in jest (but I'd buy a copy if it ever came out).

8.) The Continentals - The Inexcelsis Polka
Probably the best track from this compilation, this melds "Angels We Have Heard On High" into a swinging polka! And uh-one, and uh-two...

9.) Peggy Lee - Happy Holiday
We lost Peggy in 2002 and this track was dedicated to her memory.

10.) John "Bowtie" Barstow - Excerpt of "Do You Hear What I Hear?"
I doubt it... Barstow is the world's foremost tone-deaf singer and his Christmas CD is worth a listen (irony).

11.) Donna Summer - Do You Hear What I Hear / Joy To The World
"Do You Hear What I Hear" was introduced 40 years earlier in 1962 by Der Bingle.

12.) The John Barry Orchestra (with Nina) - Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?
From my favorite James Bond score from my favorite James Bond movie. 007 turned 40 in 2002 - appropriate.

13.) The Phil Harris / Alice Faye Show - Jack Benny plays Santa Claus
"Now sit down on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas or I'll break every little bone in your precious little body..." Only Jack Benny could get away with saying that to a kid.

14.) George P. Watson, Edison Records - Santa Claus Song With Yodel
Made in 1902, this was exactly 100 years old when I presented it here. It's still the oldest song to appear on my comps to date.

15.) Linda Eder - Here Comes Santa Claus / Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Whatta voice! Broadway vet Eder's Christmas CD is magical and she's due to arrive in Fort Wayne on Valentine's Day, 2008!

16.) The Beatles - Christmas Day appearance on "Saturday Club" (12-25-65)
"Saturday Club" was BBC's version of "American Top 40" and the Beatles were fixtures on it during the entire run of Beatlemania.

17.) The Beatles - Happy Christmas 1968
This was one of the first tracks I ever edited - I don't like altering any Christmas song per se. This is the longest of any of the fan-club messages and Tiny Tim sings "Nowhere Man" on this. Guess what got cut?

18.) Rubber Band - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Sung to the tune of "Taxman". This one was for George Harrison.

19.) The Ed Sullivan Show - Senor Wences, Johnny & Pedro meet Santa Claus
"Want to see Santa Claus? Yes. Sure? Yes. What about you? S'ALRIGHT!" - a master at work.

20.) Cyndi Lauper - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
I love the Tex-Mex feel to this - it's better than her "Christmas Conga".

21.) Los Del Rio - Macarena (Christmas Mix)
At the time I thought it was an appropriate follow-up to Lauper - I'm so sorry for subjecting you to... THIS!

22.) SpongeBob SquarePants - SpongeBob, Patrick & the secret Christmas pix
My kids and I discovered SpongeBob in 2002 - we've been hooked ever since!

23.) The New Black Eagle Jazz Band - Tannenbaum
This Dixieland version will get your toes tapping...

24.) Frank Sinatra - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
He wasn't the Chairman of the Board or Mr. Ring-A-Ding-Ding yet... just a kid from Hoboken who just made good. Sinatra's exuberance permeates throughout the whole song - a real treat.

25.) The Singing Mailmen of Miami - Zone Number Jingle Bells
From a vintage 1960s album imploring you to use those precursors of the zip code!

26.) Spike Jones - Jingle Bells Medley
Ever hear "Jingle Bells" sung in Pig Latin? Invaluable assistance from the Jud Conlon Chorus on this one.

27.) Liberace - Christmas Medley
Classic medley from "Mr. Showmanship". On a 1970s Christmas compilation?

28.) 2002 playlist rundown
I give the playlist very much like what I just typed out...

29.) Special dedication #1

30.) Martin Denny - Exotic Night

31.) Special dedication #2

32.) Cary Grant - Christmas Lullaby
These four tracks were dedicated to special children in our lives - some who left us too soon, some who had just arrived.

33.) Outro - Long version
A 2:21 edited piece of audio theater that traditionally ended the tapes/CDs.

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