Sunday, July 27, 2008

2007 Playlist

The 2007 playlist:

1.) 2007 intro
I decided to start rotating versions of "Jingle Bells" during my intro - Les Paul's version of "Jingle Bells" is in the background.

2.) Scottland - Credit Card Christmas
This one came to me from NYC collector extraordinaire Al Aitchison from his annual Christmas comp - thanks Al!

3.) SeaWest Artists - We Wish You A Merry Christmas Pt. 1
The first attempt by these guys to play this song on the ukelele - it isn't as easy as it sounds! From my friend Martin Johns aka Stubbyfears - thank you sir!

4.) Ira Ironstrings - Sleigh Ride
A wild, raucous, and downright fun sleigh ride! From one the greatest Christmas albums of all-time (click to read my review).

5.) U.S. Postal Service - Easy Holiday Season PSA
Stubby and I swapped copies of Postal Service Christmas albums - thanks again Martin!

6.) Granddaddy - Alan Parsons In A Winter Wonderland
My brother Chris has always been an Alan Parsons fanatic (he outspends me on eBay for Parsons stuff - OMG) and this one was for him.

7.) Wild Man Fischer - I'm A Christmas Tree
Rock music's only certifiable manic depressive paranoid schizophrenic with a 19 second Christmas song. He later did a duet with Dr. Demento on the same song and there is no truth to the rumors Fischer has an unreleased FULL Christmas album.

8.) Ginny Gibson - Lonely Little Christmas Tree
I had taped this off an NPR show way back in the day and lost it in the apartment fire. Al Aitchison to the rescue!

9.) Fernand Gignac - Noël Blanc / Petit Papa Noël
My good friend Jeff of Jeffco Productions sent me this in our annual swap of Christmas packages - a promo CD from Sears available in Canada only. Very nice French version of "White Christmas"!

10.) Gary Owens - Preparation H Christmas commercial (complete)
RadioJonD aka Jonathan Melton passed this one my way and where he got the unedited complete version of this, I'll never know. This was the most talked about track of this comp amongst my family and friends - thanks Jon!

11.) Carey Bell - Christmas Train
You may have never heard about Bell but in Chicago, he can walk on the Chicago River (yeah, it's that dirty). Amazing harmonica Christmas blues!

12.) A Charlie Brown Christmas - Excerpt from 1965 "Charlie Brown Christmas" commercial
This DVD compilation had this brief 13 second clip - not much of the "Charlie Brown Christmas" promo materials or original animation cels exists anymore - tragic.

13.) DJ John - The Christmas Massacre Of Charlie Brown
I would have voted for this remix of all things Charlie Brown Christmas as possibly the best Christmas mash-up to be produced. That is until...

14.) DJ BC - Imagine Santa
Mixing the Jackson Five's "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and John Lennon's "Imagine", this one easily gets my vote as the best Christmas mash-up to be produced (subject to change).

15.) Mel Brooks - 1978 Christmas Seals PSA
From one of the six vintage Christmas Seals albums in my collection - we listen in as Mel tries to record a Christmas Seal promo without much "schtick".

16.) Robert C. Pritikin - I Sawed Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Leave it to Otis Fodder to send me this version played on the musical saw! Thank you Mr. Fodder!

17.) SeaWest Artists - We Wish You A Merry Christmas Pt. 2
The second attempt by these guys to play this song on the ukelele - they're getting better.

18.) Richard Cheese - Last Christmas
I reviewed this CD earlier this year - this track is 20 seconds long because Cheese stops the song because in his words "this song sucks. Next!"

19.) Swingerhead - I'll Be Home For Christmas
Loungey, surf-guitary, exotica version of this Christmas classic - this whole album is a trip, baby.

20.) Mr. Sun Time - Holiday radio jingle
From one of the many vintage Christmas radio jingles in my collection.

21.) Eilart Pilarm - Blue Christmas
This is the only Christmas track on the Christmas album from Sweden's foremost Elvis impersonator... actually Sweden's ONLY Elvis impersonator.

22.) The Tacoma Four - Christmas Is A Drag
The folks at Double Crown Records sent me this CD which I reviewed promptly. Sorry again on "Seasonal Favorites V2" fellas.

23.) American Comedy Network - Another Christmas Tradition That Never Caught On
I can't understand why Christmas yodeling didn't catch on... ask the next group...

24.) Trio Schmeed - Winter Time
Katya Oddio sent me her Christmas comp and this Christmas yodeling jewel was enclosed - thanks Katya!

25.) Sneakers - Whistler's wish for peace on earth, good will to men
Audio clip from the 1992 tech comedy-thriller. Very timely clip - especially in 2006.

26.) Titus Turner - Christmas Morning
I had never heard this soulful 1952 R&B before this year - packs a mighty wallop!

27.) Scott Marks - Discussion on the 9-hour DVD set of "The Bob Hope Christmas Specials"
My former film school professor in Chicago ended up in San Diego as a film critic. This is how he ended a podcast from KPBS that looked at Christmas movies.

28.) Steve Ivings - The Twelve Days Of Christmas
First heard in 1981 on the Dr. Demento Show, I was thrilled to find a MP3! Even wondered what this song would have sounded if Foster Brooks, John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, Walter Cronkite, Richard Burton, Liberace, Brando as Vito Corleone, Peter Falk as Lt. Columbo, Horshack from "Welcome Back, Kotter", James Cagney, Alfred Hitchcock, and Paul Lynde recorded it? Now you know!

29.) SeaWest Artists - We Wish You A Merry Christmas Pt. 3
The third attempt by these guys to play this song on the ukelele - he almost has it down!

30.) Frankie Laine & Jo Stafford - Christmas Roses
Catchy Christmas pop duet from Frankie & Jo - we lost Frankie in 2007 and Jo left us in 2008.

31.) Jana - Joy To The World
Sung in Chiricahua Apache, I reviewed her excellent Christmas CD after my friend Joel surprised me with a copy. Still partially deaf in one ear.

32.) Jim Backus - The Office Party
I lost it when Jim Backus said "Boob McNutt"! Imagine Thurston Howell III trying to organize an office Christmas party...

33.) Mark Jonathan Davis - Santa Bog
SANTA! SANTA! SANTA! A wicked parody of those dragstrip commercials! Thanks to Mike Quinn for sending this one my way!

34.) The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Great tune from a CD that I found in the same city where it was recorded - Chicago (click for review). The last Christmas CD purchased from the once-mighty Virgin Superstore on Michigan Ave..

35.) The's - Rock-N-Roll Santa
Christmas rock single from the all-girl group who gave us the cover of "Woo-Hoo" heard in "Kill Bill" and all them Vonage commercials.

36.) Miracle On 34th Street (1973) - Santa & Mrs. Walker discuss the Christmas spirit
This is the made-for-TV remake with Sebastian Cabot and Jane Alexander. A clip surfaced on this DVD comp - I'm looking for the whole movie.

37.) Fred Wilson, FBI - What's This?
I hate "The Nightmare Before Christmas" but this cover actually worked for me - shows you how disoriented I was when I made this comp. Sent to us from Mark Grant - Mark, please contact me at the P.O. Box!

38.) Relient K - Twelve Days of Christmas bonus track
Heavy metal chipmunks? Still trying to figure this one out...

39.) Korla Pandit - O Holy Night
Pandit had a way of making even the pipe organ sound haunting - you'll hear this one in your sleep.

40.) SeaWest Artists - We Wish You A Merry Christmas Pt. 4
The fourth and final attempt by these guys to play this song on the ukelele - and he nails it! Mele Kalikimaka!

41.) 2007 playlist rundown
I give the playlist very much like what I just typed out...

42.) Miss Gloria Parker - Silent Night
A virtuoso performance played on the musical glasses - do not play this if you have dogs in your house.

43.) Outro - short version
I edited down the long version of the outro (see 2000-2002) to 47 seconds.

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