Thursday, July 31, 2008

2011 Playlist

The 2011 playlist:

1.) 2010 intro
Featuring an excerpt from a radio interview I did about my Christmas music collection - the springboard.  Ever hear an Arabic version of "Jingle Bells"?

2.) Ronald Reagan - Excerpt from "General Electric Theater"

Nothing like a President of the United States to open your Christmas CD, eh?

3.) Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Christmas Is Starting Now
My kids and I are HUGE Phineas & Ferb fans on Disney Channel.  This track was from their first Christmas special.

4.) Stompin' Tom Connors - Merry Christmas Everyone
A song that just clicked into this spot - I would have never found it if not for the digitized collection...

Robin Laing - The Man Who Slits The Turkey's Throats At Christmas (Part 1)
The album from which this came had been on my wish list for a while - I finally found a copy that didn't require an arm and leg.  Glad I got it - this one is probably my favorite Christmas song of the disc.

6.) T. Rex - Christmas Greetings / Christmas Bop
Not only did I discover an Arabic version of "Jingle Bells" at the new record store in Fort Wayne, I found a new friend in Morrison Agen, the owner/proprietor. You won't find a bigger T. Rex fan in this part of the country so these two tracks were for him.

7.) The Mighty Echoes - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Perhaps this is why Marc Bolan never released "Christmas Bop" - it's practically a dead ringer for the famous Phil Spector tune. 

8.)  Excerpt from "Five Easy Pieces"  (1970)
For years, I've been trying to find something, ANYTHING with Jack Nicholson and Christmas.  While folding a load of laundry and listening to this movie on Turner Classic Movies, I finally found a reference.

The Puppini Sisters - All I Want For Christmas
Finally - a version of this song that's NOT done by Mariah Carey!  Clever re-working of the tune, thanks to the Sisters of the Puppini.

10.) Kay Martin & Her Bodyguards - I Know What You Want For Christmas
The naughty clever title track - possibly the best song on the album. Kay sings it sly, sets it up beautifully, and the punch line that's delivered at the end of the song caps it all off perfectly (nice choice of breed too!).  The kids are older now but still don't realize what she's singing about...  bad Captain!

Apparently, between the time I wrote the review for the album and now, Kay Martin passed away.  Requiescant in pace, Kay.

11.) Mr. Microphone commercial
The penultimate made-for-TV product.  I remember when one of these was passed around at a family party on the south side of Chicago with my cousin Chuck (see track 38).

12.) J. Hines & The Boys - A Funky Xmas To You

That man Al Aitchison again - another rediscovery thanks to the digitized Christmas collection. 

13.) The Hep Stars - Christmas On My Mind
I've been trying to find a place on my CDs for years for this one.  It finally happened this year in more ways than one (click on the link).

Excerpt from "1966 REMC Gift Record"
Found the 1964, 1965, and 1966 copies at a local record show.  Similar to the Line Material singles our friend Lee showcases every year at his blog.  YouTube has different years of this single online - but I haven't found a 1966 out there.  Yet.

The Paris Sisters - The Man With The Mistletoe Mustache
I was first introduced to this tune via the wonderful Phil X. Milstein back in 2006.  Recorded before their work with Phil Spector (inmate no. 2384920).

16.) Jerry Colonna - Sleigh Bells In The Sky

Tracked down the 1953 45 single of this and was pleased to discover Professor Colonna not only sings this song but wrote the song as well!  Ahhhhhhhh!  Something new has been added!

Bob Hope - Christmas Day in Vietnam 1967
Jerry Colonna was Hope's sidekick for many years so it made sense to follow Jerry with Bob.  I wanna tell ya, that Hope's a funny, funny guy, ain't he wild?

SSgt. Barry Sadler - I Won't Be Home For Christmas
While thumbing through the Goldmine Christmas Record Price Guide many moons ago, I found this 45 daring me to discover it.  I never did.  But my friend Stubby did.  A natural choice to follow Bob.

Derrick Roberts - There Won't Be Any Snow (Christmas In The Jungle)
Probably one of the most unintentionally hilarious Christmas songs ever produced.  You doubt me?  Click on the link and try NOT laughing (ignore the images).

Robin Laing - The Man Who Slits The Turkey's Throats At Christmas (Part 2)
The song was so good that I broke it into three different parts - one toward the beginning, one here near the middle, and one towards the end of the CD.

Excerpt from "Richard Diamond, Private Detective" (12-24-49)
Dick Powell played the singing detective on radio for several years.  This clip from their Christmas song was introducing a brand new song at the time entitled...

22.) Mr. Sprinkle's Fabulous Cupcakes - Mele Kalikimaka

From the 2008 Suburban Sprawl Xmas Sampler - celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.  Congrats and thanks for all the great holiday music!  Not the Dead Bodies but real close...

Go Jimmy Go - The Twelve Days Of Christmas Local Style
A song that has been bounced off the CD about three times in the past five years.  One of the first songs chosen this year and locked into place.

24.) Rob Huebel & Richard Cheese - Jingle Bells
These two songs worked perfectly together.  Bow wow wow...

25.) Joe Gumin & His Orchestra - Jingle Bells (In Six Languages)
Rediscovered thanks to my project of the year.  Recorded in 1931 and sounds as fresh as the day it was recorded.

The Superions - Jingle Those Bells
The legendary voice of Fred Schneider with Christmas music?  This album is an interesting listen - I wasn't sure I liked it until I heard this track.

27.) Andy Rooney on Christmas
I originally put this on the CD to honor the guy on his career on "60 Minutes".  Sadly, it's now a tribute.  RIP Andy.

28.) Saffire -- The Uppity Blues Women - One Parent Christmas
This one hits me on many levels... 

29.) Clyde Lasley & The Cadillac Baby Specials - Santa Came Home Drunk
A project I didn't work on this year was curating the over 5,000 vintage magazine Christmas ads (most of which are liquor ads) I've collected over the years.  This song manages to cram many of the liquor brand names up to 1960, relating the title story.

30.) Dutch Masters Christmas commercial  (featuring Ernie Kovacs)
Ernie Kovacs is a personal hero and a TV pioneer whose work is sadly overlooked because of the scant amount of his work available.  So when something new of Ernie is available, it's always a treat.  So when I found this via YouTube, I was estatic since it involved the holidays!

31.) Bill Haley & The Saddlemen - A Year Ago This Christmas
The things you find once they're organized... the third rediscovered tune features Haley before he met the Comets and "Rock[ed] Around The Clock".

32.) Pink Martini - A Snowglobe Christmas
This track is dedicated to my friends Joel, Sam, and Maya - all reunited in Denver this Christmas.  The lyrics are very appro pro.

33.) Voicedude - Excerpt from "Forget You, Santa (Radio edit)"
I used to be a fan of CeeLo's song but when Muppet chickens began singing it in the trailers for the Disney Muppet movie, I officially disavowed being a fan of the song.

34.) Rubber Band - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
The first Beatle-inspired Christmas CD from 1996, this one mixes elements of "Eight Days A Week" around the Christmas classic!

35.) Tom Teeley - Excerpts from "Beatles Christmas Supermash"
Dave Chesler used parts of this on his Christmas CD of last year so I decided to follow suit - thanks Dave!

Robin Laing - The Man Who Slits The Turkey's Throats At Christmas (Part 3)
The final installment of this song.  I've heard this song close to 200 times now and it still makes me laugh.

37.) Marlin L. Ryan, Whistlemaster - Silent Night  (introduction by Steve Bentivegna)

Nothing like a factory steam whistle to set the mood.  A YouTube search will still show videos of the steam whistle in action!

38.) Special dedication to Chuck Martinez
Chuck was my cousin who passed away due to a heart attack; the fifth member on my father's side whose cause of death was heart related.  I've lost 60+ pounds since I began shunning the blog two years ago... enough said.

39.) 2011 outro
That's all folks...

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