Friday, July 25, 2008

2005 Playlist

The 2005 playlist:

1.) 2005 intro
My usual intro with the Flat Duo Jets on "Jingle Bells".

2.) Harry Goodman Jingles - 27 days 'til Christmas
From side one of a 16" radio transcription record (red vinyl no less) that I found on eBay. Since this wouldn't fit on my turntable, I had this professionally transferred to CD.

3.) The Chipmunks - The Chipmunk Song
Using my Sound Forge software, I slowed all the Chipmunk parts down to half-speed so you can hear how Ross Bagdasarian originally sung it - then sped it up!

4.) The Magic of Bing Crosby - Bing denies his family permission to sing "White Christmas"
The end to one of Bingle's early 1970s Christmas specials, he later denies Robert Goulet the priviledge. Eventually all get to sing the song and fade to black.

5.) Corporal Blossom - White Christmas
One of the very first Christmas mash-up CDs ever, Corporal Blossom takes Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and The Supremes' versions of "White Christmas" and rolls them into one.

6.) BRAT Productions - 2001 Holiday Mix
A James Brown Christmas mash-up that's simply too good for words - so go download this one and more of BRAT's holiday mixes at his site (but come back!).

7.) American Comedy Network - Disaster Card
Clever parody of MasterCard's "priceless" commercials - thank to Jeff Fox of Jeffco Productions for sending me this!

8.) Loudon Wainwright III - Suddenly It's Christmas
To quote the first lines of the song: Suddenly it's Christmas, Right after Halloween. Forget about Thanksgiving; It's just a buffet in between.

9.) Green Acres - The Ziffels discuss Christmas fruitcake
Doris gives Lisa Douglas (Eva Gabor) the recipe - Fred states "that could make you accessory to manslaughter!"

10.) The Gypsy Hombres - Blue Christmas / Let It Snow
A Christmas tune done in Django Reinhart style - after all, the title of their CD is "Django Bells"!

11.) Hugo Winterhalter - The Christmas Song Cha-Cha
Title says all - in Winterhalter's capable hands, this one will make you want to dance.

12.) Harry Goodman Jingles - 18 days 'til Christmas
See track two.

13.) Lou Monte - Italian Jingle Bells
Forget about "Dominic The Italian Donkey" - from note one, this Lou Monte Christmas song explodes and you're hanging on for dear life - outstanding tune!

14.) Mabel Scott - Boogie Woogie Jingle Bells
This song holds the distinction for being used more often on my Christmas CDs than any other song. I stated six times on the playlist rundown but it's actually five - 1989 / 1993 / 1996 / 2001 military mix / 2005.

15.) Pee-Wee Herman Christmas Special - Pee-Wee leads Christmas Carols
I tried showing this to my children last year - they were flummoxed at first, then bored. They preferred to watch "Ben 10 Alien Force" instead.

16.) John "Bowtie" Barstow - Joy To The World
The world's foremost tone-deaf singer released his Christmas album in 2004. I used an excerpt of his "Do You Hear What I Hear" (irony) back on the 2002 edition.

17.) Laffy - Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
A woman literally laughs her way through this song. Now imagine an ENTIRE Christmas album exactly like this.

18.) WKRP In Cincinnati - Dr. Johnny Fever bemoans Christmas music
Taped off a TV broadcast, I couldn't wait for the day "WKRP" was released on DVD. When it came out, they cut all traces of all the classic rock they played on the original broadcasts because they didn't want to pay the licensing. Needless to say, there's no release date announced for season 2.

19.) Sy Mann - Angels We Have Heard On High
From the classic "Switched On Santa" Moog album, this is as fresh as the day it was recorded.

20.) The 8-Bit Peoples - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Want to know what Christmas music sounds like off old video game consoles like the Atari 2600? Click on their link to get this and the rest of the album totally FREE.

21.) Harry Goodman Jingles - 14 days 'til Christmas
From side two of a 16" radio transcription record (red vinyl no less) that I found on eBay. Since this wouldn't fit on my turntable, I had this professionally transferred to CD.

22.) The Swingle Singers - The Twelve Days of Christmas
These amazing accapella singers get this traditionally long song done in less than three minutes. Yeah, wow!

23.) Barbara Feldon - 1975 Christmas Seals PSA
Agent 99 gives such a breathy reading that you begin to wonder if she suffers from a respiratory disease.

24.) Fred Lowery - O Little Town Of Bethlehem
The Blind Whistler strikes again - click on the link to read more about the greatest whistling artist of them all.

25.) The Kickin' Kazoos - O Come All Ye Faithful
Taken from an entire Christmas album of kazoo music. Amazing what a little wax paper and plastic can produce.

26.) Reno & Smiley - Frosty The Snowman
True old-school country full of twang, harmonies, and drawls. Great stuff.

27.) Are You Being Served? - Mr. Humphries suggests a Christmas glee club to boost sales
He even suggests "Good King Wenceslas" that Mr. Granger shoots down. Segue to...

28.) Korla Pandit - Good King Wenceslas
The wizard of the keyboard's penultimate Christmas album - amazing virtuoso stuff!

29.) 1919 Steinway Upright Player Piano - (There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays
My wife's aunt Julie found this cassette for me from her library in Dayton - thankfully, I was still able to order this CD when it was in print!

30.) Harry Goodman Jingles - 8 days 'til Christmas
See track 21.

31.) American Comedy Network - Tired Of "The Hannukah Song"
For the first half of this decade, Adam Sandler's ode to Jewish stars was played ad nauseum on Christmas radio. It's eased up quite a bit, but ACN's answer was right on the mark.

32.) Louis Prima - Santa, How Come Your Eyes Are Green When Last Year They Were Blue?
The B-side to "Senor Santa Claus" - King Louie's 1966 Christmas single for Uncle Walt Disney.

33.) DJ BC - Reverend Linus Remix
The first mash I ever heard using the Peanuts gang. It wouldn't be the last (see 2007 playlist).

34.) Big Bag Voodoo Daddy - Mr. Snow Miser / Mr. Heat Miser
The original songs from "The Year Without A Santa Claus" can stand on their own two feet. Given the full Voodoo Daddy treatment, this version sw-aaaa-ngs!

35.) 1970 USPS Mail Early Program - Jack Webb PSA
Sgt. Friday asking you to mail early - reading the facts like a bailiff reading charges in court. For more on Jack Webb and Christmas, check out this yuleblog entry.

35-T.) Rob's message to the First Presbyterian Theater group
Dedicated to Maya Grace Scribner who was adopted from China by my friends Joel and Samantha and was celebrating her first Christmas in the USA.

36.) Bing Crosby - The First Noel (Attaboy House Party Mix)
Not a mash-up, but a re-mix. Not as clever as the mash-ups but almost as satisfying.

36-T.) The Oriental Echo Ensemble - Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Authentic Chinese instruments playing Christmas favorites. Highly recommended CD.

37.) Pilchard - Santa Baby
From the first Christmas mash-up album I ever downloaded - a mix of Madonna, Springsteen, and rap music!

37-T.) Shakespeare Man - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
A dramatic recitation in full Shakespearean mode of the famed Johnny Marks classic. HILARIOUS!

38.) Love Actually - Billy Mack hits #1 with "Christmas Is All Around"
Released at the end of 2003, I wanted to use this the following year but my salute to the 1980s prevented that. Segue to...

39.) Billy Mack - Christmas Is All Around
A reworking of The Troggs' "Love Is All Around" - character actor Bill Nighy is perfect as the aging rock legend Billy Mack trying for one last Christmas #1.

40.) Harry Goodman Jingles - 1 more day 'til Christmas
See track 21.

41.) 2005 playlist rundown
I give the playlist very much like what I just typed out...

42.) Elvis Presley - Christmas Message From Elvis / Silent Night
The last song always and forever is "Silent Night" - Elvis thanks you for listening and sings.

43.) What I Want For Christmas

44.) Outro - short version
I edited down the long version of the outro (see 2000-2002) to 47 seconds.

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