Sunday, October 05, 2008

The 2008 Chicago Cubs: In Memoriam

The picture says it all.

The 2008 Chicago Cubs died a simple death on Saturday, October 4, 2008. Cause: no offense, shaky defense, and the weight of a century of losing.

My kids have tried to console me: "We'll get 'em next year, Dad". They don't know... Why did I ever subject them to this? I should be locked in jail for making them Cub fans.

Another cold winter to deal with but there's always the promise of a warm spring. Next February, when pitchers and catchers report, the whole process will begin again. And so it goes...

Click here to see whose bandwagon I've jumped on for the remainder of the season.



Ernie said...

Go Rays!

Tommy said...

I'm still mourning the tie-breaker loss that sunk my Twins.

I've also shifted to the Rays, partially in support of former Twins Garza and Bartlett.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping the Cubs would make it this year. Go Red Soxs!

bongolong said...

I do feel for you... I'm watching my Angels hang on for dear life (just won Game 4 in the 12th).

While watching the Cubs/Dodgers game I was (being form So Cal) rooting for the Dodgers but the celebration was hard when they keep panning the Cubs fans, I feeling felt for them. The Cubs fans are ALWAYS fans win or lose and that's the true measure of a fan.

Tonight I may feel like them if the Angels lose...

stubbysfears said...

At least the Cubs made the post-season.

As a Mets fan, I've watched my team blow unblowable leads two years in a row, now. The Mets are either the Kings of Choke or the Kings of Joke.

I do realize it's been 100 years for the Cubs, but it's always about THIS year...until it's about next year.

Anonymous said...

cap'n -

You think YOU got it tough? i was raised on the Sout' Siyde and my dad turned me into a CUBS fan!

I feel your pain...

P.S.: Hey, what's a century between friends, right?

Creedmoor said...


CaptainOT said...

Ernie & Tommy - There gonna have their hands full against the BoSox!

Anon 9:46 PM - Wait 'til next year! (repeat).

Bongo - The Angels suffered the same illness that befell the Cubs - silent bats. I feel your pain!

Stubby - I can remember 25 years ago attending Cubs-Mets games at Wrigley where several hundred were in attendance and neither team had the talent to win!

Anon 3:27 PM - Hug your dad daily for turning you into a Cub fan! 90% of the Sox fans I've ever encountered are loutish, usually drunk, and fair-weatherish.

Proof? They've never drawn three million fans at their ball park. You can have a free admission night on the South Side and they still wouldn't fill that ballpark.

Creedmoor - Stay fair, baby! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!