Wednesday, October 22, 2008

L'il Wally & The Harmony Boys - A Polka Christmas (UPDATE)

Yesterday morning, I met with my best friend Joel who's constantly on the lookout for anything Christmas that I don't already own in my collection. He actually found this album on eBay and called my wife to scan through my collection to see if I already had it. She looked at my CDs and not the albums - Joel bid and won.

When I opened this and stared at the cover, I was floored. Joel immediately screamed for and cried tears of joy, thinking he had found something I didn't own.

"Ummm, Joel?"

With those two words, his bubble was burst. However, when I explained that I didn't own the artwork, then he perked up. Thanks Joel for trying to find something new and succeeding (sorta). I'm confident you'll come up with something like you did when you introduced me to Jana.

What does this me for you? It means if you visit the original L'il Wally & The Harmony Boys post, you'll find a new link for full high-resolution scans of this album you may or may not already own, period. Happy viewing...


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