Saturday, February 17, 2007

DJ BC - Christmas Songs For Re:Composition

We continue "Mash-up Saturday" with another compilation from DJ BC.

While he was compiling his excellent Christmas comp "Santastic II", DJ BC was working on a different kind of Christmas comp. A classical radio station wanted a different sound for their Christmas and solicited DJ BC's help.

The result is a total reworking of some of Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite" and Bach's "Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring" which is still available to downloadat his site!

Watch that traffic rise now BC!

For more on this, here are those same questions I've been asking everyone:

1.) When did you begin creating your Christmas compilations?

"Re:Composition" Christmas songs were first done a few at a time, over the 2004 and 2005 pre-Christmas season, and then the big push was to complete an hour's worth of material (by Thanksgiving 2006) for WBKK as they wanted to create a show around the music.

2.) Explain the process on creating your Christmas comps.

They are mashups and remixes - basically, I create mixes myself and build an album gradually over time. One song at a time!

A big factor with Re:Composition was making something the radio station thought their listeners could tolerate (in terms of how aggressive, cutting-edge or different the mixes were). So I tried to make it as accessible as possible! I was also under deadline to get it on the air for Christmas.

3.) What is it about Christmas music that appeals to you?

Reminds me of my childhood, a time when things were clear and there was a sense of the good true and pure in the world. Amen.

4.) What kind of feedback do you get from the comps?

Lots of positive reaction, emails and so forth. I also spin them out around Xmas and get direct reactions that way.

5.) What other projects/websites do you work on other than Christmas? - my basic DJ page - My mashups page - my regular mashup night in Boston with Lenlow

6.) Anything you would like to share with people reading this review?

Check out my other tunes and news at, and come to Mash Ave when you are in Boston!


1.) The Nutbreaker '06
A version of this was on "Santastic: Holiday Boots 4 Your Stocking"... is this different?

2.) Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring (Mystery Mix)
One of my favorite classical music pieces just got the 21st century treatment. I think Johann Sebastian would be pleased!

3.) The Waltz Of The Flowers (DJ BC Reflower)
GREAT JUMPIN' ICEBERGS!!! Here's a waltz the kids today will dance to! Spectacular remix!

4.) Sugar Plum Fairy Coda (DJ BC Recoda)
Confession time: I tried my hand at a mash-up with this one. I tried to fuse Sasha Baron Cohen's version of "I Like To Move It, Move It" into this one but couldn't get it to work.

5.) From The Holly To The Ivy
Talk about a song that needed a beat! Is there elements of Pete Townsend's "Let Me Love Open The Door" in this one? Sounds real close around the 1:10 mark!

What I would love to know was how was the reaction to the music from the normal listeners of the classical station? Did they embrace it or did they complain?

This is an excellent compilation - easily accessible for those classical savvy and the hip-hop generation. If educators are looking for ways to introduce classical music to kids today, look no further - this is it!

BC, this comp ranks right there next to the "Santastic II" comp - maybe a hair higher because you've carried the tradition of other classical composers who took themes and did variations. I stand in awe of your work and talents sir.

UP NEXT: A Very Bootie Christmas


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