Friday, February 02, 2007

Super Bowl Weekend


"It's a shame we have
to go to Miami,
we should just go
to Fort Wayne and
play this off."

Tony Dungy,
Indianapolis Colts coach
quoted on January 21, 2006

No reviews will be posted over the weekend. Bet you already knew that. Duhh.

Ever since Coach
Dungy spoke those words on that wonderful Sunday, the city of Fort Wayne has been beside itself. The Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce sent Dungy a gift basket (the "I HEART Fort Wayne" mug probably didn't make the trip to Miami) and voted him "2007 Man Of The Year" with eleven months left in the year. The enormous sense of pride Fort Wayne always possessed now needs a trailer for the extra amounts of vainglory thanks to a flip quote.

Two years ago, the city was named "the dumbest town in America" by Men's Health Magazine - a supplement / Viagra catalog wrapped around the same four or five rotated articles they wrote back in 1983.

They run stupid polls like this so news organizations and other media will pay attention to them. They did - and the "magazine" went right back into obscurity. At least until they name another town dumb. What a racket.

Dungy's quote has made Fort Wayne show their colors like a proud peacock.
The burst of team colors around the city have been spreading steadily and will reach their peak today when a huge "Blue Friday" rally is held in downtown Fort Wayne. 

At 4 PM, Colts and Bears fans are invited to wear their gear, yell like crazy for the local TV stations, and spend some time downtown (which is like a ghost town after the work whistle blows at 5 PM).

There was talk of a huge 60 foot TV screen inside the Allen County Memorial Coliseum with Colts fans on one side and Bears fans on the other. If it happens, it begs the question: where am I going to sit?

I was raised near Chicago for 26 years.

Fort Wayne has been my hometown for nearly seven years.

Throughout my childhood years, I was a Bears fan.
Since I've been in Indiana, I've marvelled at Peyton Manning.

I cheered for the Bears to win over the Saints two Sundays ago.
I was thrilled when the Colts won over the Patriots two Sundays ago.

I received a Dick Butkus throwback jersey for Christmas.
A friend gave me a Colts hat for my birthday.

What tips the scales? My kids.

My oldest son and daughter have watched Bear games with me and even know the first few bars of "Bear Down, Chicago Bears". On our trip to Chicago last December, we stopped at Wrigley Field (where the Bears used to play from 1921-1970) and we visited one of the Cub shops across the street. my son strode to the counter and saw the rows and rows of hats. He asked the gentleman behind the counter for one Bears hat.

However, if the Colts manage to beat my beloved Bears, I'll be just as giddy. Isn't that sick? It seems Indiana has rubbed off on me and I don't mind it one bit.

Either way, it's should prove to be a great game. Don't drink and drive.

Have fun watching the game, the commercials (just as fun), and let's hope Prince doesn't have a wardrobe malfunction at halftime. Don't drink and drive.



Ernie said...

Dungy said that last year? Hmmmm...

I think they miss him here in Tampa.

Stephen said...

I felt that way in 1994, when the Niners and the Chargers played. Raised in the Bay Area and having grown up watching Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, and then Steve Young, I was, of course a Niners fan. Then I moved to San Diego in 1990 and started enjoying watching the Chargers (after all, I figured it was OK to like them both, since one was NFC and one was AFC). When they both made it to the Super Bowl, everyone asked me who I wanted to win. I honestly just wanted a good game, which it ultimately wasn't.

The ONLY reason I'm interested in this year's Super Bowl is Peyton Manning. I've hoped for years that we'd see a Manning-McNabb Super Bowl, but at least Manning got that monkey off his back and made it. Let's hope for a good game this weekend.

stubbysfears said...

Nah, the monkey is still there.

It will be DA BEARS! Underrated all year. The Wonder Dog beats Manning & his monkey.