Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Farewell, Netscape!

For nearly ten years, I have been a faithful fan of the Netscape browser. I've always liked its ease, it's dependability, and it's bulldog mentality of stopping pop-up ads.

I have resisted using the built in version of Internet Explorer because it never (and I mean NEVER) stops pop-up ads.

Wednesday, Microsoft downloaded several XP updates to my computer. Since then, Netscape has been hanging up something fierce. There's no way around it - Microsoft sabotaged my Netscape browser.

Downloading Mozilla's Firefox browser as we speak. When this is sorted, I hope to post today's yuleblog entry.

UPDATE - 5 PM EST - I still haven't figured this out and even IE is hanging up! The Geek Squad is coming over. They'll probably push one button and voila! That'll be $90!

Sorry everyone (especially DaveW). I will shoot for tomorrow with Dave's review and push everyone back one day this week.

Finished typing these six sentences at 5:40 PM - Slowwww...



Ernie said...

Come to the darkside, Cap'n. Internet Explorer is good! It will butter your toast for you. Nothing bad ever happened to anyone while using IE...

Zube said...

Hey, I thought this was only happening to ME!

I was having problems with Netscape hanging up yesterday. Finally I uninstalled Netscape completely and then reinstalled 8.1.2. That fixed it fine. Just remember to save your bookmarks somewhere before you uninstall.

Good Luck