Friday, February 09, 2007

We're about to get COMPED! - Week 2

We're through one week! Seven more to go! And next week is going to be FULL!

Here's what you'll be reading starting on Monday, February 12th:

  • Monday, February 12 - Queer Music Heritage - 2006 Christmas Shows (THREE REVIEWS)
  • Tuesday, February 13 - Melton Mistletoe Mix 2006
  • Wednesday, February 14 - Supersonic Santa: Christmas With Mike 2006
  • Thursday, February 15 - Blandat julgodis 2004 & 2006 (TWO REVIEWS)
  • Friday, February 16 - Santafobic 2004 & Santology 2006 (TWO REVIEWS)

To put the capper on a full week, Saturday, February 17 has been designated "Mash-up Saturday" - FOUR reviews of Christmas mash-up CDs will be on tap:

  • Santastic II: Clausome!
  • DJ BC - Recompositions
  • A Very Bootie Christmas
  • Go Home Productions Christmas EP 2006

This week is going to make or break me considering I'm on vacation starting Friday - a weekend away from the house, wife, kids, everything. I'll be burning the midnight oil for sure!

Tell your friends, phone the neighbors, wake the kids, alert the media. You bring the soda, I'll buy the beer.


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