Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday at The Christmas Place

Sure is quiet around the yuleblog on Sundays...

Many longtime readers of the yuleblog (around four I think) will tell you that I'm never here on the weekends. That's because I have forever reserved this time to be spent with my wife and three children.

Recently, there has been a spate of Saturday posts but a majority of these were written the Friday afternoon or evening before. It's then just a matter of a few mouse clicks on Saturday morning and nothing further.

So what got me charged up on a Sunday to sit down at my computer to bang on the keyboard?

Two weeks ago, I reviewed a Christmas comp from my friend Jonathan Melton entitled "Melton Mistletoe Mix 2006". RadioJonD has been busy with a number of Christmas projects this past year but an e-mail I received this afternoon reminded me of one of his other projects:

"Your reviews are hitting the ole Christmas audio g-spot for sure this year! Thank you for your tireless effort day after day, year after year!

"I hope that you don't mind that your yuleblog was, more or less, the subject of my monthly column for the February Christmas Place Newsletter. Check it out!"

If you don't want to click on the link, RadioJonD's article reads thusly:

"For February we have another one of those departures from radio columns. Oh, don't worry guys and dolls, we'll have plenty of music to explore! Most of you are familiar with You have heard me go on and on about the place for some time now.

"One can hardly shake a candy cane at all the Christmas vinyl that the fine folks share over there! One of the prolific vinyl ripping elves of frequent contribution is a cat by the screen name of CaptainOT.

"The good Captain adequately and eloquently maintains his very own Christmas Yuleblog. There, he tirelessly sorts through the many CDs in his collection, including a mountain of Christmas compilations that he receives from his legion of contacts all around the globe.

"The good Captain's enthusiasm will engulf and infect even the most dull of readers as he ponders and comments on each and every track in his daily CD review. His skill with the English language ain't shabby either!

"February's offering is fresh from the pages of the Captain's annual review of comps he received last Christmas season. Santastic II – Clausome! is a mash-up mix of some of our favorite, and not so favorite, Christmas tunes reconfigured from the imaginations of the folks that re-mix them! Yep, it's still available to download.

While you are downloading and burning a CD of Santastic II, please do cruise by and salute the Captain at the Yuleblog and see what he has to say about this and many other works of creative minds of the Christmas music kind. Some will still be available by download. You may even see someone you know!

Grab a cup of coffee, some snacks, plenty of hard drive space and/or blank CDs and be prepared to stay a spell. Not one to hog the limelight, CaptainOT also provides links to other sites that will open up even more obscure Christmas and non-Christmas music for you. Leave a comment and tell the Captain I said "Howdy".

Needless to say, this gobsmacked me in the noggin. Thank you for the kind words Jon - you're pretty good wielding the words on the keyboard as well!

If you didn't click on the link above, The Christmas Place is a HUGE website made up of contributions from Christmas like minded people. Their forums and newsletters contain facts, trivia, giveaways, puzzles, stories, articles, Christmas tips, links, games, poems, recipes, and Christmas book and DVD recommendations.

It's a cornucopia of everything Christmas - an online North Pole! To those loyal Christmas Place people, thanks for visiting the yuleblog and I hope you'll stop back now and then. I'll be visiting you quite frequently!

What a pleasant Sunday surprise!


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