Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jimmie Davis - Going Home For Christmas

Last Friday, our good friend Ernie (of the famed Ernie (not Bert) blog) reposted a share of a great album recorded in 1965 by Jimmie Davis, who in addition to being a fairly good country singer, was the bonafide, duly-elected Governor of the great state of Louisiana!

I found this album at Laurie's Planet Of Sound in Chicago. I was extremely surprised to find it and never once paid attention to the background picture until I read the sticker placed directly next to the subtitle "Featuring the song "Forgive Me Santa". Someone on the staff of Planet of Sound wrote:

"Forgive Me Santa - for hanging you with a ribbon!"

As for the album, it was recorded in 1967 and features more of the same from ex-Gov. Davis - you can't get more old school Christmas country than this. In addition to the standard Christmas fare ("White Christmas", "Silver Bells", etc), Davis includes several new original songs.

"Forgive Me Santa" and The Priceless Gift of Christmas" which feature Davis narrating stories as the band plays. I must mention the song that ends side one. "Sniffles (Santa's Pet)" is the simple story of yet another character that Santa has at the North Pole... you get the idea.

Go get a copy of the first album from Ernie (if you haven't done so) and add this one. You'll have an instant Jimmie Davis Christmas collection - not too shabby!

Jimmie Davis - Going Home For Christmas

Happy listening...



Ernie said...

I'd heard he had another Christmas album, but I'd never seen it. Now I've got it! Thanks a million!

WV: nomarged. Whenever Homer can't go out drinking, he tells Lenny and Carl that he got nomarged.

ron said...

Thank you !!

Anonymous said...

I have this one but I need to go get the other one. I did not know he was a governor. very cool thanks

mike of mike and cindy's ho ho

Ernie said...

Hey Captain, I think I found the source of the hanging Santa in this LP cover...