Friday, December 18, 2009

The FPT Christmas Revue - December 3 - 20, 2009


If you live in the NE Indiana / NW Ohio area and want to
see a Christmas revue like no other you've ever seen,
then this is your LAST chance!

Come on out!

Call the number on the poster to reserve your tickets!

If you've seen the show, leave us a comment
and tell us what you thought about it!

See you on the stage!

aka Capt


Ernie said...

Break a leg, Cap'n! It's a bit of a drive for me, and I don't handle anything below 70 degrees very well. I'll catch the repeats on cable. :)

Anonymous said...

My wife and I attended opening night and had a wonderful time! We both thought it was a great show with a talented cast! The skits and songs were charming and full of laughs. Keep up the great work!

Jonathan said...

I'm there in spirit!