Monday, December 07, 2009

VA - The Town That Arrested Santa Claus

It is no secret around here that I am not a kiddie Christmas type of guy. While other kids were listening to the Caroleers, Captain Kangaroo, and Peter Pan Christmas records, I was listening to a steady diet of easy listening Christmas music.

Over the years, I have shared out a few kiddie Christmas titles that many of you have enjoyed (i.e. A Pink Panther Christmas, The Pac-Man Christmas Album). Others I've posted because they struck me as odd (i.e. Alex Houston & Elmer, Irwin The Disco Duck).

This one I'm not sure what to think.

First, we have the jaw-droppingly inhumane cartoon cover that shows two cops hauling poor St. Nick off to the slammer. Directly above Santa, we can see two kids wailing in agony over the fact that Santa is about to get strip-searched and booked. Add an evil nemesis directly from the Snidley Whiplash School of Villains wringing his hands in delight off to the side and the stage is set.

As for the story, you can make up your own scenario judging by the cover. Obviously, the snake charmer has concocted a scheme that gets Santa arrested for his own personal agenda, only to be outwitted by a quick thinking kid or parent in front of a judge in a court of law, and Santa goes free just in time for his trip around the world.

Again, this is just guesswork. I merely dropped the needle on the record and ran. I didn't hear more than five seconds of this album during the transfer from vinyl to digital. And that five seconds was long enough for me.

How could anyone in their right minds buy this and play it for their kids at Christmas? Obviously someone did because I had to rebuy the album at a thrift store in Chicago for 50 cents.

Someone out there will find this album and say "WOW! I had this as a kid!" I'm interested in hearing from those people. To find out if this was a great album and listening experience for them or was it just the opposite. Don't be shy; we will have counselors on standby in case you need to talk to someone about this.

So without further ado...

Various Artists - The Town That Arrested Santa Claus

Happy listening...



Jonathan said...

Not to mention that the coppers are wearing their shields on the wrong side!

Anonymous said...

You have a grrreat blog and yesterday in Germany was St. Nicholas Day! FROHELICH WEIHNACHT Captain OT in Hoosierland USA...

prof. grewbeard said...

just listened to as much of this as i could. i'm okay with kiddie christams records but...anyway, thanx!