Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Li'l Wally - Dance Around The Christmas Tree With

Last year, we shared out a great Christmas album (Jay Jay 1080) chock full of Polish Christmas songs and polkas by L'il Wally and his backing band The Harmony Boys. This album was discovered at Beverly Records in Chicago - one of the greatest vinyl stores left on the planet.

Earlier this year, I raided Beverly Records' famed WALL of Christmas music and came up with another gem from Chicago's very own polka king!

This album you're looking at was released a year or two earlier judging by the label numbers (Jay Jay 1026) and contains mostly Christmas standards with the full L'il Wally polka treatment. You've never lived until you've heard "Frosty", "Rudolph", and "Jingle Bells" with a polka beat!

However, the tracks you really need to listen to are the original tunes. "Merry Christmas Mom And Dad", "How Lovely Is Christmas", and "Dance Around The Christmas Tree" all have that familiar polka flavor but if you stop and listen to the lyrics, everything else fades away and you get some pretty Christmas tunes.

You be the judge... ah one, ah two...

Li'l Wally - Dance Around The Christmas Tree With

Happy listening...



ron said...

Thank You for this Holiday treat !!

Stubbysfears said...

Cool cover!

fiscus1 said...

Thanks! Two of my favorite musics combined: Christmas and polka!