Thursday, December 24, 2009

It happened again... Journal Gazette, Part Deux

I received a phone call this morning from my father-in-law, a hearty fellow with a dry sense of humor. If you happened to see "The FPT Christmas Revue", you might remember a character from Act II - a retiree who was spending his first Christmas in an assisted living facility.

That character was loosely based on my father-in-law (you gotta write what you know about).

Ed called here early this morning as I was waking up: "I wanna thank you for scaring all the mice out of our house..."

Huh? I'm not sure what he was getting at...

"They printed your interview in the morning paper... Front page too!" he stated plainly.

Then I really woke up. A few weeks back, I was interviewed by Frank Gray, a gent who works for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, for a piece I had hoped would run before the run of the revue ended. As it turned out, they pushed it back to run today (of all days).

If this seems familiar, this was the same newspaper that ran a Christmas Day article two years ago about my Christmas collection and my annual Christmas CD that I send to family and friends.

So... I'm in the paper... Again... I sound like Forrest Gump... Again...


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Ernie said...


If I get you that Vaughn Meader single, can I have the rest of your collection? :)

WV: sinic

It's not cool to be a sinic at Christmas.