Kooky Christmas

Every music collector has come across this situation: you're looking at hundreds of titles in a section of your local music store. You come across the compilation section, begin looking at the repackaged collections (some you're seeing for the umpteenth time), and find that ONE song you've been seeking.

This is very true with Christmas music. How many of you have purchased a Christmas comp knowing three, four, maybe 1/2 of the songs on the CD you already own?

This was the case for me with this particular CD. Of the ten songs on this album, only THREE songs I didn't own. So the big question becomes "Do I spend x amount of dollars for three songs?"

Unfortunately, if you're a Christmas music collector, the answer is yes. You're not going to be able to download these songs anywhere, legally or illegally. Also, most of the more obscure Christmas music - the stuff that makes collector's minds go batty - is available for three months out of the year (October - December), both online and off.

Thankfully, I didn't spend an arm or leg for this CD - just $5 at a used CD store. So in some cases, it all balances itself out.


1.) Patti Page - Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
One of the three songs I didn't own... a great cover of the Mabel Scott classic. BTW, her 1995 Christmas CD (Mercury) always sells big on eBay!

2.) Spike Jones & His City Slickers - All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth
Is this the penultimate version of this song? I like Nat King Cole's version just as much. What do you think?

3.) Leo Watson - Jingle Bells
A poor man's Fats Waller does a swingin' version! Great tune...

4.) The Andrews Sisters - The Merry Christmas Polka
Backed by Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians, who wouldn't dance this one?

5.) Yogi Yorgesson - I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas
I yust go nuts when I hear this song... Play something else by Yogi around Christmas than this one!

6.) Mae Questel (The Betty Boop Girl) - I Want You For Christmas
Second of three songs that I didn't own... Mae could belt it out... pick me, pick me, PICK ME!

7.) The Korn Kobblers - Don't Give Me No Goose For Christmas
Third of three songs I didn't own... A poor man's Spike Jones band doing a Christmas tune with animal sounds - a precursor of the Jingle Dogs maybe?

8.) Yogi Yorgesson - Yingle Bells
Yingle this song around Christmas. It would be a welcome relief!

9.) Ella Fitzgerald - Santa Claus Got Stuck In My Chimney
The double entendres kept this one out of circulation for years. Paging Dr. Freud!

10.) Spike Jones & His City Slickers - Happy New Year
Recorded on December 23, 1947 - sat on the shelf for a year - and released for the 1948 season! A fun track!

This CD was released in 2001 by Direct Source Special Products and made in Canada - in case you were wondering!

On to the next new Christmas CD in my collection...



swac said…
I have this same CD, only with a different cover, and packaged with a second CD that includes more vintage Xmas novelties, including a track called "Santa Claus and the Doodle-I-Bop" that I'd never heard before. It's kind of like Phil Harris's "The Thing", where you never actually find out what a Doodle-I-Bop is, but it's still fun and charming.

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