Hermanos Zavala - Christmas In Mexico

It's not often you see a Christmas album adorned by imitation passport stamps (see the top right corner) or a piñata for that matter but...

This intriguing album was downloaded on November 21, 2006 at 12:43 PM from our friend Bongo over at BongoBells (great find, Bongo!).

Google picks up a myriad of stuff concerning Hermanos Zavala. The laughable AOL Music site claims you can find Zavala photos, songs, live performances, even music videos. Umm, yeah.

Other sites found include "The One Hundred Voices of the Hermanos Zavala" and "Mariachi Los Hermanos Zavala". The rest is just recycled hash which is a pity.

This album is the Spanish equivalent of a Mitch Miller album! A soft rendition of "The Christmas Song", followed by a raucous version of "Sleigh Ride", then a very reverent "Adeste Fideles" sung beautifully in Spanish.

It gets better. "Rodolfo el Reno de la Nariz Roja" takes on elements of The Three Suns and is a hoot! "Silver Bells" is next and conjures up images of Bob Hope walking the streets of Mexico City at Christmas. "Ave Maria" is next so keep walking down the street to the local mission where midnight mass is underway.

Side 2 brings us "Blanco Navidad", a version Irving Berlin would be proud of. The next two songs are original and unique. "God Be Praised" borders on the Now Sound but maintains that Mitch feel - very cool. "The Christmas Star" has just enough Mexican charm and heavy on the Christmas.

"Jingle Bells" in Spanish is always fun and festive but the final two songs are heavy on the reverent side. "The Virgin Of Guadalupe" is a beautiful song that tells the story of Our Lady Of Guadalupe. "Silent Night" follows in Spanish and is always the perfect way to end an Christmas album.

This is a fun album that you'd have to file under "Change Of Pace" for sure. Some of these tracks will one day find a home on my annual Christmas comp as well.

UP NEXT: What I downloaded on November 23, 2006 at 6:36 PM



Ernie said…
I think those fake passport stamps were on several of these Capitol Christmas records from around the world. I'll have to check the archives, but I'm pretty sure I remember seeing them elsewhere.

Welcome back, Cap'n!
Ernie said…
Yep, I found similar fake stamps on the Capitol Christmas albums for Germany and Ireland in addition to Mexico. I couldn't find any not-Christmas releases that had them, though, but that doesn't mean they dno't exist, I just might not have bought them...
Anonymous said…
Hi, I don't know if you're going to read this or not but I just wanted you to know that I really love your blog as I think it's the very best Christmas music related one on the web!

Anyways, I have a request of sorts. I've been looking for the Something Festive A&M Christmas album for download for ages and all I could find so far was the Sergio Mendes track. Beautiful as it is, I want the whole album, of course! Any chance that you may have it and could please post it?


CaptainOT said…
Ernie - Found a bunch of Capitol "Christmas In" albums recently (Sweden, Italy, Germany) but alas, no passport stamps!

Lino - Sorry but I don't own the "Something Festive" album. Check the vinyl bins at Goodwill or wait until this Christmas... it's bound to turn up!


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