Vintage Christmas Ads Pt. 4 - Mojud Stockings, 1951

In addition to collecting Christmas music, I have collected nearly 1000 vintage Christmas ads over the years. Many of these include celebrities, radio, television, cigarettes, liquor, modern appliances, and the like.

Last Friday and every Friday from here until I run out, I will feature an ad from my collection.

I invite you to add a fun comment, witticism, clever remark, or observation in the comments section provided. Any comments deemed worthy of repeating will be included into this entry where all the world will see it.

We've covered some taboos here with these Christmas ads (i.e. suicide, smoking, liquor). That leaves sex - a delicate subject when it comes to Christmas. Every ad that showed a Christmas morning had Mom tightly snuggled in her bathrobe without a hint of nightgown showing.

Most of the vintage Christmas advertising that's of a risque nature fell into the lingerie & evening wear category. But even then, how can you sell a product using sex appeal that's not overt? If you're the folks at Mojud Stockings, that's a dilemma that you faced at Christmas time.

They chose in 1951 to lay it on the line. To let it all air out (sorta speak):

(Click on image to enlarge)

That's right - "Make It Merry!" I'm guessing they didn't have names for those heels in 1951 like we do in 2008. Come on, "Make It Merry!" Hey look - Santa Claus is there to ease the sexual tension... but how hard is Santa trying not to peek while handing up presents to the snagged lass? Oh yeah... "Make It Merry"!

For those with the discernible Christmas music eye, if this ad looks familiar, it was used as clip art for the booklet of the original "Christmas Cocktails":

(Click on image to enlarge)

Two for the price of one! What do you think?

Ernie says: Now that's the kind of Christmas stocking I can really get behind!

Any other opinions?



Ernie said…
Now that's the kind of Christmas stocking I can really get behind!
Scott Marks said…
Looks like Santa came twice.
Mommy B said…
Great article...funny! Thanks for sharing.

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