The Hipwaders - A Kindie Christmas

This is the last of four new Christmas releases that I received at my P.O. Box that I'm reviewing this week. Ironically, this was one of the first of those four that arrived. It's been sitting patiently while I reviewed Emmanuel Shall, Kevin Koelbl, and Silvia Fleming, eyeballing me the entire time, tempting me with its artwork.

To quote the press sheet:

"Since 2004, The Hipwaders have performed their own original Christmas songs along with their 'wader-ized' versions of Christmas classics. Finally, the band got around to recording their original compositions for the holidays.

"Christmas music has traditionally always been "family music" and The Hipwaders carry on this tradition with their songs celebrating all aspects of Christmas with a special admiration for Santa Claus and his exploits. Some say The Hipwaders 'exploit' Santa - but that's for you to decide..."

Indeed it is... and I must admit, I'm pretty intrigued already...


1.) Santasploitation
Quick, fun 49 second track that opens the CD. Don't take my word for it:

2.) There's Too Much Good
Not sure if this qualifies as a Christmas song ("Silver Bells" is mentioned) but its sound is great and leads into...

3.) It's Wintertime
Again, not too heavy on Christmas but the winter sounds make up for it. Everybody dance...

4.) Santa's Train
WOW! Great song with a definite country feel to it! Well worth the train trip.

5.) Goodnight
A Christmas lullaby that I wished was sung to me when I was a kid (instead of the usual cries of "SHUDDUP AND GO TO SLEEP!").

6.) Wake Up
Natural follow-up to "Goodnight". I love this track but you decide for yourself:

7.) Yes, It's Christmas
For a brief moment, I thought this was R.E.M. - it has that sound! Standout track.

8.) Tinsel & Lights
There's not many modern songs that detail Christmas decorations, photos, and the small nuances that make up Christmas. Until now... Another standout track.

9.) Wake Up (reprise)
Quick instrumental version of track six (see above) that has a video game feel to it that has me chuckling.

10.) Christmas Vicuna
GREAT JUMPIN' ICEBERGS!!! Latin-flavored tale of a lonely vicuna in Peru who wants to join Santa's sleigh. Amazing, clever, and a whole lotta fun!

At their official blog this past Tuesday (official release date of this album), head Hipwader Tito Uquillas writes "It's the day that's been over 20 years in the making. Really. A couple of tracks from "A Kindie Christmas" date from the late '80's and, like a good fruitcake, have been properly aged to perfection. OK, I can't believe I just wrote that either."

I can't believe I cut and pasted that, either.

The album is a genuine gem of Christmas tunes - all original, some more Christmas than others, fantastic sounds throughout. It was worth the 20 year wait. Well done, 'Waders, one and all!

XM Satellite has been playing The Hipwaders' kiddie CDs for some time now and I suspect their seasonal Christmas stations will be cranking out their holiday fare. I only wish several of the tracks make it onto terrestrial Christmas radio to give us a break from the same 20 - 30 Christmas songs on shuffle mode.



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