What's the deal with this place?

To the readers of the yuleblog,

I appreciate all the non-spam comments I've received here (over 150 comments) since my last blog post in March.  Or the last month when the Cubs were in first place.  Each of the comments were published and posted to their individual blog entries.  

At some point in time, I hope to get to answer them.  At some point in time, I hope to rework this blog - correct the grammar errors caused by glitches in the code and by the author, upgrade the template, expand the columns to add more stuff, etc, etc, etc.

Then there's the little matter of sharity.

All of my shares were hosted by Rapidshare since the beginning.  About two years ago, they reworked their plans and upped their yearly fees.  I had banked enough Rapid points based on download hits that allowed the shares to be carried without cost to me until June of this year.

I made the decision not to renew my account with RS for the following reasons:

1.)  Many of the shares were recorded on my old turntable on my old computer.  They sounded like, for lack of a better word, sh-t.  

2.)  I've been slowly (and I mean slowly) re-recording my albums for future use.  SOPA is lurking around the corner so we'll see what the future brings.

My time away from this place has seriously diminished my blog skills.  If I update this interface and the template, it might help me make up for it but, again, it requires time to do so.  I started at 4 PM to make three changes to my blog tonight (added the 2011 playlist to my study guide, added an entries announcing that, and this announcement post here).  It's currently 11:45 PM.

I should be at one of my daughter's basketball games right now but I made the decision to post this tonight.  In all matters, my family comes first over a blog.

From day one, I've tried my best for every entry a cut above my normal standards.  I've tried to provide the best info and a level of writing that many of you find entertaining.  Anything below that isn't fair to you.

It would be very easy to click on the "DELETE THIS BLOG NOW" button that Blogger has provided and say "hey, I've had a great run."  

But I'm not going to throw in the towel just yet. 


On to some encouraging news:

The question I keep getting asked repeatedly online and at my PO Box is "Where can I find back copies of the Yuleblog Samplers?"

Backstory:  The first samplers from 2006 and 2007 are gone.  They were simply repeats of songs I had already posted in other shapes or forms here.  If you got an album share of my old stuff, you got the tracks within these samplers.

And they sounded like sh-t.  So I pulled them from rotation - they won't be offered by me again.

The 2008 sampler and 2009 sampler are still up (I think).  Even if they're not, they sound like sh-t and they're not worth your time downloading.  And since I'm not on Rapidshare, I couldn't take them down if I tried.  

The 2010 sampler was the first to be recorded on my new turntable with the new computer and is worth your time and effort to go get.

In about two weeks - the weekend before Christmas - I will be posting REMASTERED versions of the 2008 and 2009 samplers along with the 2011 sampler.


The King of Jingaling at FaLaLaLaLa.com is taking this Christmas off but the keepers of the forum are putting together a Christmas sampler in his stead.  They were very kind to ask me to contribute a track to the mix - click the link, sign up to become a member, and feast upon lots and lots of amazing Christmas music, information, and some of the friendliest internet forum members on the planet.


And now, for the big finish...

A major portion of the year was spent working on my Christmas digitization.  The other part of the year was spent volunteering at WBOI-FM 89.1 FM / NIPR.fm here in Fort Wayne.  I've been editing movie reviews, interview segments, and learning about all aspects of the station.

Since it went public today, I'm excited to announce... well, click on the link:


Heading out tomorrow for our annual Christmas weekend in Chicago.  The kids are trying deep dish pizza for the first time and there's a famed record shop in the shadow of the hotel we're staying at.  

I'm in heaven...



Anonymous said…
Good to see you back! I see I'm not the only person figuring out where we go next. Maybe we should talk and join forces....

Congrats on the radio gig! I will do my best to tune in/record the show.

All the best.

Wings1295 said…
Family always should come first, no matter what. But we do appreciate what you do here. And hope for more of the same! Happy Holidays to you and your family!
Bob Johnson said…
hi, that's a nice post. i hope you will continue to do this :)
Ernie said…
Congrats on the radio gig!
Puckwheat said…
Merry Christmas, Captain! I hope you and the family have a wonderful season, and thanks for not throwing in the towel! We all appreciate what you do. Thank you for turning us on to so many great Christmas tunes!
Frank Rodriguez said…
I just discovered your site while looking for Andy Cirzan Christmas music downloads. Per your suggestion I'm downloading your 2010 sampler (thanks!) and will be back for the remastered '08 and '09 samplers. Have a great time in Chicago (my town)!
bongolong said…
Merry Christmas, CaptainOT!!!

(while I closed "bongobells", I just could not click the "DELETE THIS BLOG NOW" button...)

See ya on the flip side!
PDMan said…

From someone who has worked in the radio biz for over 30 years now - WELCOME TO THE FOLD! My on-air days are behind me now, but it was one of the highlights of my life. Enjoy it my friend!


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