Woody The Woodchuck - Christmas Sing Song (STEREO)

A few blog entries ago, I reviewed this album that I originally discovered at Ernie's blog last year. At that time, I announced I had found the STEREOPHONIC version of this album. I then posted a poll at FaLaLaLaLa.com asking one and all whether or not they would love to hear this version.

Seven people voted. Five said yes. Two said no.

It took me over two hours to get Blogger to post a photo this morning. They knew this album was on its way and did its best to stop it.

This isn't exactly the way I wanted to end "Christmas In July" but a promise is a promise.

Woody The Woodchuck - Christmas Sing Song (STEREO)

Happy listening...



Ernie said…
Ooooohhhhh...I think I'm going to be sick!
bongolong said…
Wow... Stereo! It's just like that pesky woodchuck is right here singing!!

I had the same Blogger problem this morning trying to get the last Christmas in July post up, so I feel your pain (which is now being irritated by Mr. Woodchuck).

Thank’s for this post, it really is a hoot… no wait, that would be Ollie the Owl…
Stephen said…
Oh, what to do, what to do. My head is about to explode (in stereo) listening to this. My problem is that I have two 3-year olds who would love to hear this, and if they do, they will no doubt ask to hear it over and over. And over. Thanks, Cap'n, for this dilemma!
CaptainOT said…
Ernie - =Hands you a bucket= Sorry!

Bongoland - Wait... there's an Ollie the Owl Christmas LP out there?
sweet mercy... another album to search for.

Stephen - My kids love anything sped up... they once caught me
editing some audio at high speed and they laughed and laughed, asking
to hear it over and over. The only problem was that I was editing
a speech by Richard Nixon! In any language, in any speed, Nixon
was, is, and will never be funny... 'cept to my kids!
Ernie said…
I picked up an LP of speeches by Spiro Agnew the other day. I wonder how funny that would be at 78 RPM?
noone said…
thanx Capt! And the font used for the cover is nice too. ;)
greg said…
The link is now dead. Could this be reposted?
CaptainOT said…
Lynda - Glad you found something of note!

Greg - Reposted??? WHY??? If you're serious about this, I'll see what I can do... man, o man...


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