Thursday, November 29, 2007

Let It Link, Let It Link, Let It Link

I just fixed some broken links and added other older ones I had forgotten! In any case, this is what's available for your dancing and listening pleasure for 2007 (so far):

1983 Air Force Public Service Spots - Disc V

The Alcoa Singers - An Olde-Fashioned Christmas

Pat Boone - White Christmas

Bowen & Csehy - Christmas Steepletime

A Country Christmas

Jimmy Dean - Jimmy Dean's Christmas Card

Pete Fountain - Candy Clarinet: Merry Christmas From (STEREO)

DeWayne Fulton - Christmas Greetings From

Will Glahe & His Orchestra - Christmas On The Rhine

Earl Grant - Winter Wonderland

Ken Griffin - Christmas Organ

Funky Christmas (Cotillion Records)

Alex Houston & Elmer - Here Comes Peter CottonClaus

Jim & Tammy - Christmas With Love

Sy Mann & The Malvin Carolers - Let's All Sing Christmas Carols

Bob Mantzke Choralaires - Christmas Songs

Pat O'Brien - A Quiet Christmas

O Tannenbaum - Christmas On The Rhine

Pac-Man - The Pac-Man Christmas Album

The Piano Rolls & Voices - All Time Christmas Hits

A Pink Panther Christmas

Bob Ralston - Christmas Hymns & Carols

Shirley & Squirrely - Christmas With

Bobby Vinton - Christmas Promo 45

Woody The Woodchuck - Christmas Sing Song (STEREO)

Happy listening... and we're not responsible for any speaker damage (especially with that Woodchuck one!)



stubbysfears said...

"Here Comes Peter Cotton Claus" is back? My Christmas is complete!


CaptainOT said...

Stubby - Whatever turns you on, pallie!


Ernie said...

I was so happy this year when I found my own hardcopy of Here Comes Peter Cotton Claus. I'm not entirely sure why, though...

CaptainOT said...

Ernie - Read the comments section of "Peter CottonClaus" - a visitor claims Alex Houston was deeply into mind control!


tomdb62 said...

Thanks for sharing. I thought the air force PSA's were pretty cool and they now occasionally pop up among my Christmas music.