DeWayne Fulton - Christmas Greetings From

Our next offering is of the quiet variety... and it doesn't get more quiet than Christmas harp.

Mention the harp and some people think immediately of Harpo Marx. Others think of Robert Maxwell. Or Bianco.

How about DeWayne Fulton? Anyone?

I found this record at a garage sale for the very low price of free. As the family thanked me for taking a small stack of albums off their hands, I asked for more info on this album.

"It was one of our uncle's albums and he never played it at all." was all I could get.

Google searches came up with very little until I came across a cryptic web entry ( that listed an interview with Fulton from the Folk Harp Journal.

According to the interview, DeWayne Fulton was a founding father in pop/jazz harp. He recorded sixteen albums over his long career, played for Emperor Hirohito and Presidents Lyndon Johnson & Ronald Reagan, studied at Julliard, the Vienna Academy of Music, and performed with symphony orchestra globally.

Unfortunately, the article doesn't mention Christmas and didn't have a discography. In the midst of my research, I found other Fulton albums on the Safari Records label posted at eBay, GEMM, and Musicstack - all from the decade of the 1970s (if anyone finds a correct year for this album, let us know!).

The music on this album is pure, unadulterated Christmas harp music. No orchestra, no choir to hum or sing softly, no accompanying piano in the background. Fulton covers all the classical Christmas carols and does it well. This is a definite change in pace.

String this one along sometime:

DeWayne Fulton - Christmas Greetings From

Happy listening...



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