Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Anita Bryant - The Miracle Of Christmas

This was a thrift store find - not surprising, Indiana has more religious Christmas vinyl (i.e. Word, Sword, custom-pressed evangelists, etc) than any other state in the Union.

Bryant's first Christmas LP came in 1967 - "Do You Hear What I Hear?" (Columbia CL 2720 - mono, Columbia CS 9520 stereo). At some point, that album was rereleased and retitled "Christmas With" but kept the same label numbers (our friend Inkydog has this album at his blog Cheerful Earful).

This album was released on Word Records in 1972 and doesn't repeat any of the songs on her previous Christmas album. Most of the songs are of the religious nature of Christmas (not many contemporary songs).

Anita Bryant - The Miracle Of Christmas

I suppose I could type a thousand words about Bryant's politics and show you a YouTube video of her famous press conference where she got a pie in the face from a protester. However, I won't and I ask that any comment left here will be about the music - nothing less.

Happy listening...



Tommy said...

I wanted to like this more. (Frankly so I could feel a good person who can take the music solely on its own merits.)

But her vibrato is just so in your face. It's like she's standing in one of those old-time vibrating belt machines.

CaptainOT said...

Tommy - Check out her other album @ Cheerful Earful - her voice is much better suited to contemporary Christmas than standards.


jeremiad said...

I always think of her as the "Orange Bird" lady. I still have the "Orange Bird" album where she sings "Little orange bird in the sunshine tree..." She really represented Florida well. She has quite an interesting biography. Thanks for the posting.