Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's A YouTube Christmas - Pt. 16

From time to time this Christmas season, I'll be posting some amazing videos that have been rescued by people like us and posted at the mecca of all things wonderful and obscure - YouTube.

I invite you to add a fun comment, witticism, clever remark, or observation in the comments section provided. Any comments deemed worthy of repeating will be included into this entry where all the world will see it.

When I began searching for YouTube Christmas videos a while back, these next three were among the first ones on the list. They are a series of theater ads that movie houses and drive-ins would show inbetween their showings and trailers to their audiences:

Some of these came from the excellent compilations entitled "Hey Folks! It's Intermission Time" from Something Weird Video - there are some amazing ads on here if you like these sort of nostalgia.

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Captain and all who read the Yuleblog thanks for your hard work and sharing your collection and knowledge.

from mike and cindy's ho ho

CaptainOT said...

Mike - Thank you good sir - the very same to you and yours!