Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Robert Maxwell & His Harp - 40 All-Time Christmas Favorites

This was a from a lot of Christmas records I purchased from a Canadian dealer off eBay earlier this year.

Robert Maxwell was a songwriter (he wrote "Ebb Tide") and harpist innovator. This was a man who wired his harp into a light display back in the late 1950s for club appearances and was considered in the same light as Ferrante & Teicher in the way he produced sound from the harp.

Maxwell composed a number of songs and instrumental pieces, including the exotica standard, "Ebb Tide," and "Shangri-La," which gave him a Top 40 hit in 1964 after Jackie Gleason began using it on his variety show - a mere 18 years after Maxwell first composed it!

Another of Maxwell's pseudonyms is familiar to any fans of "The Ernie Kovacs Show": The Nairobi Trio. Maxwell wrote "Solfeggio: The Song of the Nairobi Trio," which played along with the recurring bit about the trio of mechanical monkey musicians.

I had been looking for a Christmas album by Maxwell and just about gave up hope when this 1958 Canada-only album came along. 40 Christmas tunes on one album? WOW!

Eight medleys (four on each side). One solo harp. It sound deadly but Maxwell's playing draws you into the web and you're hooked. It's a stimulating album.

Robert Maxwell & His Harp - 40 All-Time Christmas Favorites

Happy listening...



Anonymous said...


I tried to download this, Dec 5,2011, but it was no longer there.
Any chance that I could get you to re-post or perhaps e mail me another link for this Robert Maxwell Lp ?

Ernie said...

Hey Cap'n! I thought for sure I commented on this back in the day, but if I did, it's gone now. This is a really cool record, and I'm proud to say I was finally able to add a copy to my own collection recently. I wouldn't have known it existed if you hadn't shared it out back in the day.