Sunday, December 14, 2008

2008 Yuleblog Checklist - Week Three

We can scratch off another week complete in the 2008 downloading season. Like a marathon runner hitting the wall, we're past the point of no return and we're determined to finish the race dead or alive.

Sounds good in theory, huh?

Here is another updated checklist - it's here so you can pick and choose what you want to read and listen to. Another reason it's posted here is to make sure during sleepless nights, we can check back and make sure we're not double posting something - they all blend into one big entry after a while.

Checklist, please:

1983 Air Force Public Service Spots - Disc V

The Alcoa Singers - An Olde-Fashioned Christmas

Marian Anderson - Christmas Carols

Around The Christmas Tree - A Special Christmas Day Program

Jan August - Christmas Favorites

Ben Best - Happy Christmas Party

Bielefelder Kinderchor - Christmas In Germany

Pat Boone - White Christmas

Bowen & Csehy - Christmas Steepletime

Owen Bradley & His Quintet - Joyous Bells Of Christmas

Al Caiola & Riz Ortolani - The Sound Of Christmas

Capitol Production Music

Christmas 1953 Veteran's Administration Hospital Program

Christmas 1954 Veteran's Administration Hospital Program

Christmas 1965 Veteran's Administration Hospital Program

Christmas 1966 Veteran's Administration Hospital Program

Christmas 1971 Veteran's Administration Hospital Program

Christmas 1976 Veteran's Administration Hospital Program

Christmas Greetings (U.S. Navy)

Christmas In Italy (Capitol Records)

CLM Industries - Christmas 1961 - SINGLE

A Country Christmas

Vic Dana - Sings Little Altar Boy & Other Christmas Songs

Jimmy Dean - Jimmy Dean's Christmas Card

Bill Doggett - 12 Songs Of Christmas

Dragnet - The Christmas Story

Fogwell Flax & The Ankle Biters From From Freehold Junior School - Christmas 45 - SINGLE

Pete Fountain - Candy Clarinet: Merry Christmas From (STEREO)

DeWayne Fulton - Christmas Greetings From

Funky Christmas (Cotillion Records)

Will Glahe & His Orchestra - Christmas On The Rhine

Earl Grant - Winter Wonderland

Ken Griffin - Christmas Organ

Alex Houston & Elmer - Here Comes Peter CottonClaus

Irwin The Disco Duck - Christmas & New Year's Party

Åke Jelving - Christmas In Sweden

Jim & Tammy - Christmas With Love

KFUO Presents Christmas Hymns And Carols

The Klaudt Indian Family - Peace On Earth; Christmas Greetings

Carmen Le Nard - Jolly Snowman - SINGLE

Liberace - 1954 Christmas Greetings (w brother George) - FLEXI

L'il Wally & The Harmony Boys - A Polka Christmas

Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra - Christmas Music

Fred Lowery - A Family Christmas

Vera Lynn - Christmas With

Sy Mann & The Malvin Carolers - Let's All Sing Christmas Carols

The Manhattans - Christmas 45 - SINGLE

The Bob Mantzke Choralaires - Christmas Songs

Robert Maxwell & His Harp - 40 All-Time Christmas Favorites

Mary Mayo - The Magic Of Christmas

Mickey & Bunny - Sing English Xmas Carols in Ukrainian

The Mom & Dads - Merry Christmas With

The Murk Family - Christmas With

Selections from "Nashville Christmas Party" (RCA Victor)

NORAD Tracks Santa - Christmas 1968

Pat O'Brien - A Quiet Christmas

O Tannenbaum - Christmas On The Rhine

The Pac-Man Christmas Album

The Piano Rolls & Voices - All Time Christmas Hits

A Pink Panther Christmas

A Power Pak Christmas - THREE ALBUMS

Bob Ralston - Christmas Hymns & Carols

RCA Victor Holiday Promo 45

Bobby Roberts & His Orchestra - Holiday Music For Happy People

Mickey Rooney - Merry Merry Micklemas

Del Roper & The Mason Swiss Bell Ringers - I Heard The Bells

The Royale Story Tellers - Christmas EP

Marlin L. Ryan - York, PA Traditional Christmas Carols

Orion Samuelson - Christmas 45 - SINGLE

Harry Secombe - White Christmas

Seeburg Corporation - The Sound & Color of Christmas

Shirley & Squirrely - Christmas With

Ethel Smith - Silent Night-Holy Night

The Soulful Strings - The Magic Of Christmas

Phil Spitalny & The Hour Of Charm - Christmas Carols By

The Three Suns - The Sounds of Christmas EP

Bobby Vinton - Christmas Promo EP

Jimmy Wakely - Christmas On The Range

We Three Bings: Vital Music's N.Y. Trash Xmas Comp

Justin Wilson - A Cajun Christmas With

Ingvar Wixell - Christmas Music of Sweden

Archie Wood & His Friends - Christmas Album

Woody The Woodchuck - Christmas Sing Song (STEREO)

Happy listening...



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Hmmm, alphabetized. That's a good idea. Hmmm...

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Yet, somehow, I got it wrong. Second try: retrai (what are the odds...)

CaptainOT said...

Ernie - Retrai? Damn, that's funny!