Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Patricia Wilde - Christmas Carols In Percussion

This was found at a local garage sale several years ago and the cover totally hooked me. It looked promising (lots of titles listed - in hi-fi!) and I gladly paid my 50 cents. Then I dropped the needle... A pretty standard Christmas organ album.

There was a serious glut of Christmas organ albums between then and now along the sharity network and I couldn't bring myself to share this one out. One track was shared last year as a part of the 2007 Yuleblog Sampler and I decided to share the rest this year.

I wish I had more on Patricia Wilde (Google turned up nothing) but it did yield some info on Acorn Records thanks to the folks at Both Sides Now. It seems Acorn Records had problems with its grammar and spelling - I urge you to check out the Acorn link; it's a hoot!

Patricia Wilde - Christmas Carols In Percussion

Happy listening...



Ernie said...

OK, I clicked the link to the Acorn records discography. I skimmed though it, and all I got out of the whole thing was that they issued a record with Bettie Page on the cover. I guess I didn't pay much attention after I saw that. :)

CaptainOT said...

Ernie - And we just lost Bettie... eerie coincidence.