Monday, December 22, 2008

The Sing 'N' Do Company - Christmas Windows

Remember your elementary school Christmas pageant or play? You may or may not remember the name of the classmate who played Scrooge or the kid who threw up onstage.

But you probably remember the music that you sang. For many school kids, it was standard Christmas carols and standards. However, some schools went out and spent money from an educational service for a Christmas program, complete with scripts and songs.

This is one of those programs. Designed to enrich the musical experience of boys and girls in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, this program came with an illustrated guidebook (lost for all eternity) for staging, costuming, and dramatizing the entire program to make the teacher's job all the more easier.

Side one is entirely vocal - one lone female voice singing eight different songs (or "windows") that comprise the entire show (and one of these tracks was used for the 2007 Yuleblog Sampler).

Side two is completely instrumental - so if you feel inspired to learn the lyrics and record your own karaoke version, please send us an MP3 at the P.O. Box.

The Sing 'N' Do Company - Christmas Windows

Happy listening (and possible singing)...



Tommy said...

I gained a lifelong love of White Christmas by singing it in elementary school choirs, often for the elderly.

I still love to sing it. Fits my limited range. I always do it Bing-style, with the little dip on "you write."

Or else dirge metal style. (Yeah, follow the URL for the latter.)

CaptainOT said...

Tommy - Somewhere I have a picture of me dressed as a lonely little Christmas tree in my very first school play.

My classmates surrounded me and sang "O Christmas Tree" - some things you don't forget.