Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas 1965 Veterans Administration Hospital Program

To honor Marc Bird's memory, I'm posting various Christmas VA hospital records ranging from 1953 to 1976.

Flash forward to 1965. Lyndon Johnson is Commander-in-Chief now and starting to escalate the Vietnam War. Compared to the Higley records of a decade earlier, the size and scope of the Christmas VA albums have escalated as well.

With background music throughout, we are greeted by our host for this record who just ambled in off the "Bonanza" set - Lorne Greene. He quickly introduces many of the celebs on this record (Jo Stafford, Burl Ives, and "the MAN" Mitch Miller) and we're treated to full versions of several songs.

If you listen and find several points when the music quickly cuts out or changes to fit the mood of the track, that's not a result of my editing. That's how it played out on the album. Rather disorienting.

Christmas 1965 Veteran's Administration Hospital Program

Happy listening...


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