Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Hollywood Pops Orchestra - Great Instrumental Christmas Music

This isn't my first share of The Hollywood Pops Orchestra - they helped out the Veteran's Administration for their 1976 Christmas Hospital Program with several tracks.

Google turned up very little in the ways of information on the Hollywood Pops Orchestra. Nowhere could I find an official website, a reliable discography, or any other pertinent info on the organization.

There's plenty of comps out there with a track or two from these guys but nowhere in my research did I find a CD reissue or a MP3 album for download of this album.

As the title says, there's some great orchestral instrumental Christmas music on this album - why it's not out there is beyond me.

The Hollywood Pops Orchestra - Great Instrumental Christmas Music

Happy listening...



Ernie said...

I think I always confuded these guys with the Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra. I guess they are something completely different. Thanks for lifting the wool from my eyes!

Anonymous said...

Orchestra dir. by Bill Loose.
(Session #18476) LA,April 13,1970
74220 Caroling,caroling unissued
74221 What child is this (Greensleeves) -
74222 I heard the bells on Christmas day -
74223 Winter wonderland -
74224 Happy holiday -
74225 The first Noel
74226 The holly and the ivy unissued
74227 Adeste fideles -
74228 Mary's little boy child -
74229 Silent night -

(Session #20732) LA,April 15,1974
91208 Christmas America Suite #1 unissued
91209 Christmas America Suite #2 -
91210 Children's medley -
91211 A hymn to Christmas -

Orchestra cond. by Sid Feller.
(Session #18365) LA,February 2,1970
73851 Christmas America,pt.1
73852 Christmas America,pt.2
73853 White the silver trees
73854 Over the river
176 176

ST 2980 Bill Loose Hollywood Pops Orchestra - Great Instrumental Christmas Music

That's everything they recorded
take it out of that!


CaptainOT said...

Ernie - For a time, there was a Hollywood Symphony Orchestra out there as well... talk about confusing!

Blog-a-roonie - And thank you for the Hollywood Pops discography! Wow!